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dark and broody

Ever have those days where you wake up Angry and you can't even be around yourself?  that has been me the past few days.  It doesn't help I have been on call at the hospital and Worked 7 long hard days right into a Monday of crazy shit at the obitorio.  Sometimes I see things in there and I mutter "what the f&*#" to myself at least 30 times in a morning... and other mornings it's fine and routine and I see things that fascinate me, today was one of those days. My next move is clear in my mind, I just have to be patient.

But, I'm battling internal fights, stay... go... runaway.... I'm one of those people that needs my own space.  I think this is why I'm having such a hard time, I have no place to recharge my cerebrum and heal.  I need quiet.  I need solitude and space.  I need to get into my darkness and regenerate then come back.  And Primarily I need my own kitchen with my own stuff and my things.

I have decided to take over my friends kitchen a…

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