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have you ever heard of these?  I hadn't either.. until the other day..
So you have some of the oddest conversations over an autopsy, and this particular conversation I had on Thursday was about food.. Imagine that... but, the instapot was the topic of the conversation.. and I learned of all the wonderful things it could do.. and I was hooked.. I figured, it can replace my yogurt incubator and the rice cooker... that takes two appliances out of my kitchen...  So pretty much as soon as I could, I started some research on pinterest of course.. and then decided on buying one.. So I ordered this gem off of Amazon :)
It was delivered Saturday, and I set it up today. I have not used it yet.. but, I am excited.
It even will cook dried beans that you have NOT soaked overnight in like 40 minutes or less....
Shut the front door.....
Well this weekend was a good one. Last night we drove down to Georgia and celebrated a good friend of mine's 40th birthday.  Her husband planned her a surpr…

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