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Strong Women

I was reading through articles one sleepless night and came across this... And this pretty much sums up me..

Being a strong woman usually comes with a price. Being strong in the face of trouble and stress may be exhausting and may result in a mix of emotions including panic and self-doubt.

She hides her insecurities. It’s not to say she is not phenomenally strong – she is. It’s to say that sometimes a woman that projects strength can hide her own issues.

A strong woman can get through anything, including a dysfunctional family fight, ended friendship, or heartbreak.

She is always there to greet you with her vibrant smile no matter how much tension she is going through. You only get to see the sunshine, not the clouds behind it.

Sometimes she does feel like she is living a lie, like others give her more credit than she really deserves.

Others think that her heart is unbreakable, since they see only one side of her. They only see this woman during the day, when she does have enough ener…

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