Deere Tracks in the Snow!

So there was snow warnings all week..  I was secretly wishing that it would have snowed on Christmas...
but, when I woke up...  I saw SNOW!!!!!!

I put on my boots and I went running outside with the dogs and was looking around at how beautiful everything was... when I heard..  "mooooooooooooooo" I was thinking.. hmmm that sounded close... all of a sudden Maya is barking and I look towards the back yard.. and Here comes Ben, Jerry and Honey Running towards me.... I couldn't believe they got out..

So I told my little men that we were going back to the barn and I'd feed them...  I headed off towards the calving barn.. and they followed me.. right back to the barn and I feed them..
and Jerry Berry gave me a kiss before I left.

then went off towards the horses in the back pasture...

They were running around and having a good ol' time.

Then I needed to get Hay out to the herd.... and that is where I found deere tracks in the snow...  :)


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