Monday, January 31, 2011

Holy Cow..

So we have been working on fences for a while now... They are a mess, trees fallen everywhere and broken barbed wire strands wrapped around trees and themselves... It's been a full time job. (and we still ain't done) But we have been talking about grazing some beef cattle.. and we've been going to the cattlemen's meetings and learning, watching the beef prices on RFDTV.
We finally got a pasture done for cows, so we headed off to the Saluda Livestock Market after some "deals"... I couldn't believe the amount of cows that they had from babies to pregnant momma cows... which is what we bought..  and here is the first of many cows to come...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So this fine morining... we were supposed to go back to the dairy farm in orangeburg to get 4 babies.. I mean new born wittle bitty babies that I have to bottle feed (still have no idea what I'm doing)..  Well I get up and get dressed.. Feed Ben, Jerry and Honey... then head back to the house where I found my cowboy sick.. and not feeling good at all... Not good.. He told me he couldn't drive down to get the calves... so he told me to go..  I thought about it for a second... and I said "ok" and off I went to hook the dually up to the stock trailer.. I grabbed Vegas, He needed to be used to long drives in the truck anyways.  I head down 26 into Columbia and off I-20 towards Charleston... I arrived at the Dairy farm at 11:00am like I was supposed to, And met up with this farm hand. He instructed me to back down between these buildings and we'd load up the babies.  So while we are loading up these babies this guy tells me he had 2 more babies born last night......... He knew what he was saying... So all of a sudden I was going home with 6 babies.... and boy oh boy I sure hoped that my cowboy wasn't gonna be pissed... but, it's not like I could take them back right??? Ri-ight........
We locked up the trailer and I asked some questions about feeding times and how much and what to do and explained I had only been around horses.  The guy humored me and answered all my questions, so I said thank you, and headed back to our ranch... I got home, backed the trailer up to the calving barn and unloaded my new babies....  which I then named Biscuit, Wild Bill, Mayfield, Jethro, Diesel and Dennis (the menis).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

So Maggie, My Cowboy and I spent the new year in Marianna Florida as usual at a competition..  but instead of coming home with buckles and great memories we also came home with a puppy! He's a Blue Doberman, and we have named him Vegas.