Friday, February 25, 2011

At last... the sun..

Today was just such a beautiful day, that I decided to take a break and enjoy the sunshine... I was singing that song "the sun's still shining when I close my eyes".. then I saw the christmas lights... and yes that is my front porch.. and yes it's March.. then all of a sudden that song redneck woman came to my mind... I got up and took them down...  I took down all the decorations off the fence and inside the house.. and completely forgot about the christmas lights on the front porch.....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Baby of the year

This morning we went out to feed the girls and found this little heifer on the ground..
She is so cute, all waddling around and clumsy.
He momma was pretty protective over her which is good.. and she's looking like she has a decent supply of milk.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The girls

Every Monday it has been a ritual to go to the cow sale.. we've made some really good friends there and not to mention the food is awesome..
Everyday we go out and give them grain and check on them...  one of them usually spot us and starts running to the fence.. then they all start following the truck along the fence line..  then if you take to long to get into the pasture, they sit there and moo at you and stare you down.. I can only imagine the girls (as I like to call them) are yelling feed me NOW!.

And there the girls are.. waiting to be fed...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Chicky Poo cafe'

All excited I awoke this morning to run to the chicken coop and see if we were having fresh eggs for breakfast!
I opened up that little egg door I made and looked in, and what did I have 5 Eggs! count them 5!! woohoo..

I've decided to call them the Chicky Poo Cafe' since, my mom told me that is what it should be called.. and I actually really like the name.  So I made them a sign..

which brings me to a side story about a chicken sleeping on her back...
I went down there to the chicken coop at night... and I see this chicken laying on her back not moving.. I open the door and walk in.. and I'm standing over her and she isn't moving.. and I'm thinking.. Oh crap I killed a chicken... So I pick her up and apparently she was sleeping.. because she started clucking and flapping her wings and I'm holding her and I'm screaming for my life.. She scared the heck out of me... I dropped her and scolded her about not doing that again... I think we were both scared.. 
that's the last time I went down there at night.. they were on their own with the coyotes and whatever else is creeping around out there..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cluck You

After some begging and talking about the egg prices... I finally got the go ahead to build a chicken coop and get some chickens... :)
I walked around the old empty barns and scouted out where I was going to build this said chicken coop.. and I came to the conclusion I wanted it here:

After my mind was made up, I knew I needed some supplies... I drove to town to Lowe's and got 6 2x4s, some chicken wire, nails, screws and some hinges and a piece of plywood... and off I went to start building something I had no idea about...
and 1.5 days later..  I had made a nice door, used old boards encased the place in chicken wire and found an old barrel out in the pasture, screwed that inside the little shelf/house I made and filled that up with shavings so the chickens could have a nesting box. I hung up the feeder and the waterer... and that was that... my finished product.

Well maybe it isn't quite finished.. I have plans on painting it.. white.. but I'm proud of it. So My Cowboy took me to get some chickens.. We got 6 of them.. I have no idea what they are or anything all I know is apparently brown chickens have brown eggs, and white chickens have white eggs.. 
My Eggs will be brown...

I would say I would name them, but they all look alike..
So now I just sit back and wait for eggs....