Cluck You

After some begging and talking about the egg prices... I finally got the go ahead to build a chicken coop and get some chickens... :)
I walked around the old empty barns and scouted out where I was going to build this said chicken coop.. and I came to the conclusion I wanted it here:

After my mind was made up, I knew I needed some supplies... I drove to town to Lowe's and got 6 2x4s, some chicken wire, nails, screws and some hinges and a piece of plywood... and off I went to start building something I had no idea about...
and 1.5 days later..  I had made a nice door, used old boards encased the place in chicken wire and found an old barrel out in the pasture, screwed that inside the little shelf/house I made and filled that up with shavings so the chickens could have a nesting box. I hung up the feeder and the waterer... and that was that... my finished product.

Well maybe it isn't quite finished.. I have plans on painting it.. white.. but I'm proud of it. So My Cowboy took me to get some chickens.. We got 6 of them.. I have no idea what they are or anything all I know is apparently brown chickens have brown eggs, and white chickens have white eggs.. 
My Eggs will be brown...

I would say I would name them, but they all look alike..
So now I just sit back and wait for eggs....


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