Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well I have learned that St. Patty's Day isn't a real holiday down here in South Carolina... But, I still regarded it as one! Ever since I was a little girl, my Mom always made St Patty's day special, and so I have always celebrated it.
Therefore;  I started the day off by making my honey Green eggs and ham ;)
Then while he went to work, I put in a 3lb corned beef with carrots, potatoes, onions and topped with cabbage.  mmmmmmm I love me some corned beef like a fat boy loves cake... but, I set that on low and let it marinate for 9 hours....
 Later that day I got the urge to also make Irish Soda bread...  I love soda bread.. and I had buttermilk on hand.. so it was meant to be..  Plus I was a little stressed and making some bread helps my nerves..
 So I turned this.... into this ->
The crust was awesome.. side note on home made bread...  You never get a crust in the store like home made bread.. its hard and crunchy.. with the smooth textured inside.. its just pretty short of the best thing since sliced bread ;)

 It only seemed right to have a desert. I should have made a key lime pie... and added some extra green food coloring... but I felt like Pecan..  and that picture reminds me of that cast iron muffin pan..  that is an antique.. The tall handsome cowboy bought me that at a yard sale..  it's a really neat, and that present meant a lot to me.  and I'm trying to re-season it.. so I've been keeping it in the oven to bake off some of the years of use and misuse.  Then we had a few friends over, and to my surprise none  of them have ever had a "St. Patty's day dinner" I was thinking.. say whaaaaa? But, anyways This was my first St. Patrick's Day in South Carolina.. and It was wonderfully spent with good food and great friends. 


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