A hen is only an egg's way of making another egg!

I now am the head hen in charge of 6 lil' americana chicky poo's.. Oh and 2 wood ducks. 
This is my first experience with chicks, I have always wanted one, ever since I was a wee little girl, but alas I never got one.. Until now :). My Cowboy came home with these little bundles of joy.
I researched a bit, and got them some starter scratch and a heat lamp, a little waterer and a metal feeding pan.  and they have been doing well.. Except the ducks are crazy..  they have been making a muck in that little cage, spilling water all over and throwing feed around and they aren't very friendly..  I told them to shape up or I'd put them in the manure pond outside the milking barn... and I know for a FACT there is a snapping turtle in there the size of a pizza. Just sayin'. 
Well they are still causing havoc in my little cage so I had to build them a new house. I am calling this one the Chicky Poo Too!  I'm a chain ;) kinda like Truvie in Steel Magnolias, at the end, where she got the other hair salon... Truvie's West and she was like, omg, I'm a chain!  Haha... SO yeah, Chicky Poo Too.  And that great idea and name came from my best shittin' friend Mel.    I guess a sign is in order.. I'll do that after I cross some other things off my list... Yes I have a ranch list..
This past week has been busy busy did I mention Busy? 
Sunday after taking a 6 hour medical written exam in Spartanburg.. I found my cowboy on the tractor plowing me up a garden!!

That's My Cowboy's Dog Bailey in the picture...  It's a good thing he got my garden tilled up for me, Because all My seedlings are sprouting, 3 different peppers, Tomatoes, and Eggplant.. mmmmhmmmm.

 Monday was a great day, Went to the cow sale, sold our escape artist hereford and bought 2 more cows for the price we sold her for.. so that was a deal.  And I think I need to go into raising goats... There is some money in that. ..  I'll put that on my list.... Oh, one more thing about the Cattle Sale, I got a Jersey Cow, She's supposed to be my milk cow.. But Sunday my cowboy surprised me with two new Jersey Steer babies...

And little miss Babycakes over here stole my little baby Ray from me.. I went out there with his bottle today.. and he wanted nothing to do with it... He has been nursing from her.. which I'm glad, it's a lot more healthier for him to be nursed by real milk instead of the milk replacer.  here is a picture of Ray: 

And Bradly, I named him brad because of his big jaws.. kinda like Brad Pitt ;)

And Here is lil miss babycakes herself..

She's Skinny, but, so is most the cows that are brought to the cattle sale... She'll have some weight on her in no time flat.. I'm feeding her some fancy dairy cow stuff from the mill :)

Which brings me to Tuesday, I built the chicken coop.  But, First a picture of my Doberdork Vegas hiding in the grass.. little did I know.. Him and Maya (killer) were staking out some rabbits... and, I found a dead rabbit..  Maya got it, because she ran away and was chasing something ALL day, poor little thing was exhausted by dark when she finally wondered back home.

On to the chicken coop. First I scouted out where I wanted to put it.. which wound up next to the original chicky poo cafe'.

Then I framed it out.

And by the time I got that done, It was feeding time for the livestock, so off we went to do that.

Then My cowboy LOVES casseroles, so I made a jalapeno chicken casserole.. and let me tell you what.... it was good. It had spinach, jalapenos, chicken, sour cream, crushed up doritos, Mexican 4 cheese blend, and I added green peppers.  He had a big ole smile on his face :)

We ate supper on the front porch.  I have missed doing that all winter.  It's just so beautiful sitting out on the front porch watching the sunset.

So This morning, I put chicken wire on all four sides, so the hawks and turkey buzzards don't get my girls. And here is the finished project, minus the paint..  I still didn't finish painting the other half.. but I just found the paint sprayer yesterday.. so Tomorrow that's on my list.. :)

I know it ain't fancy and stuff.. but, For one person.. I think I did pretty darn good. And believe you me, its hard hanging from the barn nailing things into wood that is 100 years old and hard as a rock, I bent some nails now...  It will look better painted.. So I'll take pictures tomorrow after I'm done.
Today I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck watching our cows eat. And I really just realize how awesome it is to live on a ranch, and how blessed I am for all these animals in my life. I sure do Love them all...

Some of the Girls Eating tonight :)


  1. congratulations Tara n Clint we couldn't be happier for the 2 of you love Mom n Dad


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