My Baby Biscuit

I picked Biscuit up at a Dairy farm down in the southern part of the state.. about an hour away from our ranch.  He was one of 6 that I came home with.. Biscuit was about a week old, and so Were 4 of them, and two were about 12 hours old.  One of the 12 our old ones didn't make it through the night, I had named him Mayfield, because he had the same markings as the mayfield cow...
Well I know nothing of calves and bottle feeding.. but, I figured it out and every morning around 7:30 - 8:00 I was out there with 5 warm bottles of Nuture Plus milk ready to go.  
Biscuit was the first baby to get sick, and I was out in the barn with him one night, he was laying on the ground, coughing and his ears were drooping and he looked pitiful. I felt so bad I got down on the ground with him and I laid his little head in my lap and I was just petting him and loving on him and telling him please don't get sick and die. And I gave him a little shot of Duramycin and stayed with him a little longer.. Then went back to the house and hoped he was still alive in the morning.
These Dairy cows don't have very good immunities since they don't always get colostrum from their momma's and they don't get fed momma's milk..  they are all pretty much bottle fed.  But they sure are sweet babies to have.
So the next morning I go out there.. and there he was.. standing up sticking his head through the panels waiting for me to feed him.. and Ever since then.. Biscuit has been my little baby... I have had him since he weighed 10lbs or less and now he is about 100lbs and I still go outside every morning and see him, even though he's weaned off the bottle and on free choice calf starter/grower feed. But, he just comes a runnin' to me, and sometimes If I go out there in the afternoons (who am I kidding I'm always out there ) and he's laying down sunning himself, I'll sit down next to him and he'll put his head in my lap and I'll still love on him the way I did that night.  I love my baby Biscuit.


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