I was thinking about all the good times my cowboy and I have had traveling in the horse trailer.. and one of the funniest stories I can think of is from Florida.  We had finished a competition in Unadilla, Ga and headed off towards the Atlantic Coast Classics in Jacksonville, FL.  We stopped in Ocala, and stayed the night then met up with some friends that were also going to the competition and headed to Jacksonville the next day.  But, That morning is where this story starts.
I woke up to my cowboy asking me what the heck I was doing.. I just woke up and in that confused sleep hangover I had no idea what I was apparently doing.. So he informed me that I was sleeping and making noises.  I'm like what kind of noises.. he told me I was making these Pftth pftth noises.. he said I kept doing it over and over and over..  I started laughing so hard.. I was so embarrassed, but I was crying laughing so hard watching him imitate how I was sleeping then putting my lips put together going pftth pffth pfttth pffffth.  Hey at least I wasn't snoring right?? indeed.
Well, I was dreaming about Maya...  In my dream Maya was in my face and she wouldn't move so naturally the only thing to do is make the pffth noise to get her to move! Well it worked out fine in my dream until I woke up and found out I was living out the actions of my dream..  See now with Maya if you make a pffth noise at her, she flips out and goes running.. I mean she goes nuts. Sometimes even barks at you while she's running away..   Well I couldn't explain this too well since I was laughing so hard.. and I didn't think he really believed me by the look on his face..  So finally when we got back to Georgia.. I showed him just what Maya does..  But, every time I think of that story.. I just start laughing..


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