The Shooting Season has officially Started

We had us a little practice today... People, their horses, guns, sunshine, gunpowder and country music... All part of a good day...  This was a practice to get some new people involved in the sport.. Well I was nominated to do the demonstration... Poor ol' Maggie.. She hasn't been ridden since..................... January :)
I jumped on her, loaded up my guns, and she was rearing to go. Boy I'll tell you what it felt good to feel her 4 feet pounding the soil below us and the rhythm of her movement and shooting that gun.. I love riding horses... but not necessarily that sport.. I can't say it's the most fun I've had on horseback.. Because the most fun I've had in the western saddle is Ranch Sorting.   Maggie was so excited though, I guess she likes having a job...  I better start riding her more that the weather is nice.   I also think I will start training her with some english discipline.  We are getting a 150'x300' arena built next week, and I can't wait.  I also have a halter broke 4 year old registered appendix, that I am about to start working with.  I need to start doing what I love best and that is hunter/jumper.  There is something about approaching a jump, you give your horse that last bump as you go up in 3 point position and for that single moment your horse leaps up tucks his front legs under him and launches, all 4 of his feet are off the ground you both are weightless in the air and in one fluid motion you are back on the ground headed for the next jump... That right there.. is what gives me chills and what I know how to do best...
Now men that I have encountered that rode jumpers were usually.... not batting for my team..
but, you give me a strong handsome cool glass of water on a wild horse and in a cowboy hat...
I'll keep riding western... I was just lucky enough to find a cowboy that has all the same interests as I do, and we are both working for the same goal.


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