Spring has almost Sprung!

The weather has finally broke... and there has been nice warm days where i just want to soak up the vitamin d that has depleted through the winter...

I'm not so sure that the danger of frost is over... but, none-the-less I have planted my seeds and started growing my plants indoors so when i plow a spot for my garden, I can plant the started plants, and then the seeds that don't need to be started. But about 10 days ago i planted a bunch of seeds and my Tomatoes have finally come up, I was pretty darn excited.. and yes, they are planted in little dixie cups... they work just as good as those fancy little recycled paper things they sell at lowe's. .. Now i'm just waiting on the peppers, eggplant and a few other veggies...
The springtime also means.. flowers... Ever since I was a little girl, I Have always had a flower garden. My favorite being Iris's, which I planted a few last fall, and I can't wait until they bloom.  I have found daffodils around the farm in random areas, many different types of Clover. 
I haven't planted the flower garden yet, but I'm waiting for the weather to get right, then I'll also make my Herb garden, I have these spots already scouted out. 
and so far I have also planted, blueberry and black berry bushes, Roses and Next week I'm starting work on a Grape Arbor. 


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