The Traveling Circus

 This weekend was the first South Carolina competition of the season.. So, we loaded up the horse trailer, with my Maggie Mae, My Cowboy's pregnant mare, Amazing Grace,  Vegas, Bailey, Maya and Bradley.
Gracie is going to foal any day now, so we didn't want to leave her alone since it's her first baby and she is near and dear to my cowboy's heart.
And If you don't remember Bradley is my calf that I have been bottle feeding...  I tried to put a halter on him, and he let me put it on with no fuss.. but, when I tried to lead him around.. he pulled back a bit.. and I gave in and stopped.. Then tried to walk again.. and he stopped dead in his tracks and fell over like a sack of potatoes.. I was laughing so hard it wasn't even funny.. we tried that about 5 times and I gave up.. So I went up to the feed mill and got him a purple dog collar..  See he's wearing it in the pic :) Now mind you I didn't try this collar thing at all until Friday right before we were leaving... My other option was picking him up and carrying him to the horse trailer.. but, low and behold.. he just came along trotting behind me like a pro.. I was proud of my little man.. I loaded him up first and put him in the stud stall, so he wouldn't be able to get under the dividers in the trailer... he moo-ed a little but he rode just fine.
But before all that.. I had to move the baby chicks into the new Chicky-Poo Too Cafe'.  Because no part of me was going to be in that trailer with 3 dogs, 6 chicks and 2 ducks..  I had to run 3... count them.. 3  100' extension cords from the milking barn down to the Chicky Poo Cafe' before I could reach with the heat lamp.  And that was a sight... I had one plugged into the milking parlor.. I get to walking down the hill with it towards the Chickens.. and I'm thinking wow.. 100 feet is long.. I made it all the way to the chickens, when I turned around and saw I had been dragging the other end... hahahah.. So I left the cord there attached to the heat lamp.. and placed the heat lamp in the position I wanted it in the coop.. then went back to the milking parlor.. grabbed ANOTHER 100 foot extension cord plugged it into the plug.. THIS time I closed the door on the parlor.. to secure the cord in the socket... then headed off towards the chickens again.. I made it back down the hill and bam... I ran out of cord... I could see the other half.... but I couldn't quite reach it... therefore; back up the hill I went.. and got ANOTHER 100 foot cord... yes a little overkill and yes, it only needed to be about 40 feet.. but better be safe then sorry.... Well I got all that taken care of, and loaded the ladies and the ducks into a big plastic container and headed off to their new home from the house...
Oh my GOD I was happy to get them out of my laundry room.. I went out there like 3 days before, and they were flying around like a bunch of hoodlums.. I had fun catching them and trying to keep Maya the rabbit killer off of them... So after that was over and Maya was in the house and they were all back in their cage... I clipped their wings...  Then I built them a new chicken coop..  :)
So I got them all set up down there and left them to be chickens.. They seemed pretty happy when I left them.
Now back to the Arena,  We got there and I put Bradley in his own little stall right next to Maggie, and settled the horses in and got them hay and water buckets.. everyone was content... So off to the trailer I went to help unhook the truck and get electric and water set up... I went inside and turned the hot water heater on so I had hot water for Bradley's bottle... While I was waiting for he Hot water heater to heat up.. all you could hear was him mooing at me...Poor lil fella was hungry from our long little drive..  (That was a picture of me feeding him in this stall).
So the next morning I wake up, get dressed, fix his bottle, walk outside...... There are a bunch of kids standing around taunting him like he was a circus freak.  making those AWWWWE ooooooh he's so cute stupid noises at him.. he was just kinda looking at them like.. whatever... So I walked up and asked if they were done gawking at the barnyard animals yet... Most of them are snotty, so I tend to be snotty right back to them..  No matter what I said, Every time I went by there were kids sticking their hands in between the stall gate trying to pet him..
It was about competition start time, so I got Maggie all saddled up and ready to go.. we had our safety meeting, and the match was on the way... I was freezing.... it has been 80+ here for the past week.. then it went down to 40.. I am sooooo over the cold... So My First stage I get Maggie in the arena.. she's dancing around and rearing ready to go.. we get the green light and maggie takes off running towards the timer.... I hit my first target and tried to pull the hammer back on my six shooter and bam.. just like that.. my gun jammed... lucky me. So that set the tone for the weekend.. which wasn't good at all..

 I had one good run and that was it..  That is me screaming in that video.. when I'm having a good time, I get into it.. and it seems the more I scream, Maggie gets going and I don't have to spur her. . But, the rest of the weekend I couldn't hit the broad side of the barn.. which leads me back to what I've been thinking since last season.. My heart just ain't in this anymore..
Just so it happens... I was at a huge barrel racing arena.. So I got some schooling about barrel horses and blood lines and getting them started on barrels.. and Apparently I'm going to give "can chasing" as I refer to it, a try. Maggie can't do this yet... her barrel turns aren't exactly tight.. But, I have a roany pony (when I said I, I meant my cowboy, but he hates Lebo and I love him.. so automatically he's mine right? Ri-Ight) Anyways.. his name is Lebo.
I believe he's just as burnt out on Shooting as much as I am... And I think it will do his horsey mind some good.. And yes he has a few screws loose in that brain of his. But, I think it will do us both some good to do something quite different..
I mean look at this picture of him doing a barrel Turn.... Lebo has it in him... That was Lebo and I last year in North Carolina.
I was supposed to practice with him last night.. but, we have had some horrible rain, and the arenas are all washed out.. I'm just going to take him to a Jack pot barrel race and see what happens.... Hey Y'all watch this! I'll let you know how that goes.. The jackpot is Wednesday... and it might get rained out since there is rain in the forecast for the rest of the week... I reckon March is going out like a lion since it came in like a lamb..
I guess that's all for now.. That was my weekend in Short..


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