We need to talk...............

about this time last year... my cowboy and I were sitting down having a real nice meal for supper.. and It was almost April 1st.. and we all  know what that is... April Fool's day.  So I was eating and thinking about how I hate having practical jokes played on me..
Ever since I was a little girl, my dad would always taunt me about having a horse in the backyard or starlite from rainbow brite was in my room waiting... but, I have always hated April Fool's day.
Therefore; I opened my mouth and uttered the words "We need to talk".  Well you should have seen the look on my Cowboy's face. He froze...... dropped his fork on the plate and said "what?".  So I simply said something to the affect of absolutely no april fool's jokes will be played on me, I HATE them.  when I was finished speaking.. he said "that's it?" and I said "yeah".  Well then I got a lecture about how I shouldn't use those 4 words in  row at ANY point in time. Now it's just a big joke between us.. Like the other night I said "we need to talk" he says "alright" and I said, "I'm not sure what's on the menu for supper.." heh.

Speaking of food.. This is my week of firsts..
I made my first Quiche today..  I had spent a good 6 months looking for a quiche/tart dish and I couldn't find one anywhere in, near or around Newberry.  Until a few weeks ago, I was down in Columbia getting Vegas's Ears taped up and the vet told me to go hang out for about an hour.  So I moseyed on over to Bed Bath and Beyond and Viola! they had my little tart pan...
So to make a long story short... too late.. I decided to make a spinach quiche today :)
First I made a nice little pie crust.. Then sauteed up onion, celery, some salt, pepper, pinch of cloves and cayenne pepper. and instead of using half and half.. I used whole milk and 3 tbsp of butter. (I added the butter for the fat to replace the extra fat in the half-n-half) and some eggs.. and here is what I came up with.. If you look closely I cut into the quiche and then remembered I had to take a pic! It was Go-od. Flakey crust, and creamy spinach goodness...
And two nights ago, we had ran to costco for our bulk supplies.. and we came across lamb chops.. I love me some lamb.. but, I've never prepared lamb.  So I decided to give it a whirl.
I marinated them in olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper, chopped fresh garlic and paprika for a few hours, then made southwestern butter and chilled that... then broiled the lamb 5 minutes on each side and then put a big heap of the southwestern butter on top of the lambchop and then broiled for 30 seconds more.
and mmmmmmmmhmmmmm it was good.


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