Who'll-ll bid it at a fifty dollar bid? Fifty dollar bid it now, fifty-five Will you gimmie fifty-five..

We frequent equipment auctions a lot, and today we went to one upstate for a road tractor... I wanted this fuchsia Western Star.. but, I don't think my cowboy was impressed with it...
I saw myself driving that bad boy down I-26.. breaker breaker 1-9..  Rollin' wheels and shiftin' gears.. Whinin' down the asphalt.. the rumble of the Jake brake.. Sweet Tea written in silvery metallic fancy cursive letters on the side.. our ranch brand... a big I <3 Beef sticker.. Fuzzy black dice... and some steer horns on the front....... *le sigh*
But, that bubble was burst when he bid on this International... I think he got the international because when he used to drive a truck he had a dark blue international.. that he has talked very highly of..
Therefore; this is our new truck for our rodeo travels... It has much potential.. he gave me the go ahead to remodel the whole inside :) I'm still putting the steer horns on it...
but, this is not the story of this story...
Here in South Carolina... There are some men... that I can only say... wow.. and It seems that I find them mostly at the auction... I'm not sure what rock they crawl out from under but... boy - oh - boy... hold me back...
Now... When Billy Ray Cyrus had a Mullet... they were in..
But, now-a-days... not so much.,..
Every auction we go to I find someone to take a picture of.. and my cowboy just shakes his head and walks off telling me I'm going to get caught.. and Maybe I will.. but these are great photo opportunities...
like this one... he's a frequenter.. I saw him again today actually...

And this one.... I mean... how could you not think the hair and the hat combination is NOT Se-XY?????
Just sayin'

But listen ladies.... don't get disappointed thinking you can only find you a man like this at an auction....
I took this next picture. NO JOKE, at lowe's while I was in line waiting to purchase supplies for the first chicky poo cafe'


  1. Haha, you're awesome! I love your stories, and I think me and you can travel cross country and do some sure 'nuff terrorizing in that International. 10-4.

  2. That's a great big 10-4 Good buddy :)

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Around here, it's not so much the hair (because there is none), it's the shirt with everything hanging out of it. I mean, everything. Man boob, no sleeves, neckline around the navel. Seriously, I get it's a work shirt--but doesn't it need to cover a little something up to be a "shirt"? Preserve the mystery, gentlemen, preserve the mystery.


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