Friday, April 29, 2011

Slicker then the grease off a b-b-q biscuit.....

I did it :)
I got my board scores back... Knocked it all out of the park.. :)  I'm officially a licensed doctor...

We went to North Carolina early this morning to pick up some auger equipment, and on the way there.. about 8:30am, I decided to check on my handy dandy iPhone. My heart was just a racin' and I felt sick waiting for the page to load with my national board scores.. and as I half squinted and dreaded seeing a failing score.... VIOLA!!!!! There it was in big black letters saying... All parts passed :)
I was so happy I started screaming.  My Cowboy looked at me and said "I told you so"... ewe.... but very true! I said "I know.. I know.. you had more faith in me than I did".
That means....... Monday I can start looking for space to rent out.. then start looking for equipment and I gotta figure out a name for my practice and nothing like blah blah family care.  Something Good to put on my shingle. Hmmmm.. I also need to write up a good business plan.. I already have one that I made for school, But, I'm thinking to put some real thought behind this one.
After the Honey Moon..  I will hang my shingle with MY business name..  I'm so excited I could just spit.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I've been pretty darn busy the past few days... and I'm real proud of what we got accomplished.
Got the garden Planted, the well houses painted, the barn next to the house painted and the calving barn re-modeled.  We have people working on our Milking barn now, they are cutting out walls and making a man cave out there :)
But, The main thing that was accomplished was the calving barn.
Here is what I started with.

We added 2 coats of white paint. Sanded the metal rusted doors down, painted them red. Made Shutters for the windows out of 1x4s and painted them red.. and here is what 2 days of hard work accomplished :)

Other than that, I now have a farmer's tan... or should I call that a wife beater tan since I was wearing a wife beater tank top ;)
Our Ranch will be all updated by the wedding.  I am working on this other old barn, painting it red. I have a before picture.  But I only have 2 sides of it painted.. This red is a hard color to paint on top of metal, and it's taking two coats. Plus I ran into a wasp nest on one side.. so I took off running :P, I will get back to that as soon as it stops raining. We didn't get many of those big storms that came through, but it rained, and it is raining on and off today.
Oh and next week we are having engagement photo's taken around the ranch.. I will post those when I get all that information.  I am going to figure out what jellies I'm going to make for the year and get some stuff done around the house, then get ready for the cattleman's meeting this evening.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

well I'll be dern.... Maggie Who??!!?

We woke up early this morning to head to our competition.. I was dragging my feet because I didn't Really want to go. But we had to....  we went out to get the horses... My cowboy points off in the distance and says.. "look there's Maggie"... I'm thinking great.. I'm walking towards her.. and what do you know... my foot is getting wet... my tony lama's have a rip in the seam...... grrrrrrrrr wet dewey foot.  Well I get closer to Miss Maggie Mae...  she walks over to me... I took the halter off of my shoulder.. that wench stood up on her back feet, spun around and took off running.. I'm standing there with the halter in my hands screaming "MAAAAAAGGGGGGIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE" ooooooh I was Madder than a bobcat caught in a piss fire...  she didn't stop running....  And from behind me, who comes walking up? none other than Lebo the roany pony aka Mr. Run two stages and blow up. He put his head literally in the halter... I yelled.. "FINE MAGGIE I'M TAKING LEBO" real loud and took off with him.  I get back to my cowboy and he's like "you sure you know what your doing?" I said "yeah..."  so he asks if I'll exhibition Titan. Titan is our 4 year old.. not to swift yet.. but, he's 4 this year so we can start pushing him.  I said Sure why not..  And so we loaded up the two and headed off to the Double J Arena.
We get there, I put saddles on Titan and Lebo. I left Lebo tied to the trailer and warmed up Titan.. everyone was asking who he was.. he has an ass on him.. he's a darn good looking horse.. So I explained he was our baby and we were gonna start exhibitioning him..  So then I put him back and got on Lebo.. and was walking him around.. then started trotting.. he didn't get chargy, so I'm thinking hmmm.. so I loped him around and he was still keeping his head..  I'm thinking... yeah here we go get comfortable and he's gonna blow his gaskets.
We have our safety meeting, prayer and I load up my guns.. and figured out a semi game plan.. and said yeww-haw lets go.....
I walk Lebo in the arena.. he's just as calm as he can be.. I'm still thinking.... any minute he's gonna snap...
we went out there and smoked the pattern.. clean no penalties no nothing... he didn't try to run away... no body slamming barrels..
That leads me to a side story. Here is a picture when Lebo looses his horsey mind.. he will literally start jumping down the rundown and just fighting with you something god awful.
and this is his M O. This is what he's about.. real good the first stage... the second, he's starting to fight.... Third, Complete blow out.. Fourth, either a rodeo show or he body slams barrels.
Lebo is my cowboys horse.. and this is always what happens.. Like last year in South Dakota.. He's sitting real pretty in the standings.. in the big money.. last stage.. goes out there... Lebo lost his darn horsey mind, missed his turn and they went on a trail ride... from hero to zero in 1 second...
it was bad...
It's ok.. I was winning... and I choked. Maggie did her job in South Dakota.. the last stage... if I would have just rode and shot my targets...........But, I couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.
Anyways, Back to Today.  Second stage.. go out there.. again, No problems... Third stage comes.. I'm standing there next to Lebo saying..  Look Roany, just keep it together.  We go out there.. Man he was a dream.. Fourth stage I'm sitting overall reserve.  I still couldn't believe what was going on...  We engaged the course all calm and cool.. No charging, no eating barrels... we crossed that timer I was just screaming like a mashed cat I was so happy. I gave that horse sooooo many cookies and was hugging him and loving on him.... then I had to exhibition Titan...
Titan did good. until the last stage... I got to pushing on him a little hard and he took to bucking. We bucking about halfway down the rundown... I put my gun up and started yanking on him.. He bucked me out of one of my stirrups.. but by god I stayed on! when he was done bucking across the timer I screamed you S.O.B... whoopsie...  but we walked out of the arena... everyone was like... hot dang.  I said.. I know.. but, he ain't been ridden in over a year.  He did great, especially for a 4 year old.
Well It's award time. I won Ladies OVERALL Reserve.   I was just smiling like a goat in a briar path...
So now I'm thinking Maggie Who? I Never won this big on Maggie... Lebo made me happier than a tornado in a trailer park.... believe you me...
I got me a nice buckle coming! wooohoooo.
The Roany Pony is amazing to ride though... his barrel turns.. flying lead changes.. Here is Roany on a good day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Apron Strings..

I'm feeling finer than frog hair split three ways today... even though today has been rushed...  But Vegas and My Cowboy have been right there with me all day! Tomorrow we have a competition on the other side of the state... And it's Easter weekend.. So far, I called the repair man to fix my washer. It ain't really broke, it just doesn't go from wash - spin - rinse without my help.  But, it's under warranty so I called up about it.. After visiting Lowe's to buy some paint rollers...  I go over to the appliance section and stood there.. for almost 3 minutes until the lady decided to stop talking trash about some lady cheating on her husband... and realize that I was patiently waiting for her to shut up and help me... So I begin to tell her about my washer.. and she tried to look it up by phone number, name, old phone number and alas.... nothing...........So she gets the manager involved...who actually was helpful.. but still couldn't find anything. So I called corporate and they found my receipt.... imagine that..
I decided I want Messsican food for supper.. so I went by the market and got a red and green bell pepper.. and 5 lbs of vidalia onions! Fajitas tonight!!
Fajitas with some new Salsa I found at Bi-Lo... I bought it because My Cowboy's name is Clint and He's from Texas...

Once we got home I needed to start on a whole bunch of stuff... Most importantly Easter Desert...  I put on my apron.. and vegas was tugging on my apron strings when I was trying to tie it in the back.. He's so cute that puppy.. I love him so much! Anyways.... I got to making pie crust and cutting up strawberries.. I made mini tarts and then a big strawberry tart... I'm thinking the mini tarts ain't gonna make it until Easter supper... I tried one.. and they are like 12 step tarts.... You know you need a 12 step program to stop eating them! I make some cookies like that.... that is for sure... mmm mmmm mmmm...

Aren't they cute??

I need to pack the horse trailer and some clothes.. and church clothes because I'm about to embark on my first baptist church experience... (I'll let you know how that goes)..  and Get Maggie Mae out from the back pasture.

Speaking of the pasture reminds me... yesterday we drove to darlington to buy a big backhoe...  Well My cowboy talk to the fella about it.. and Got a bank check and we headed off with the dually and flat bed trailer...  we get there.. mess around with the big ford tractor... and decide we want it..
so we get to talking prices and this and I got to picking about it's color (yellow) and the plug in the tire and a few of the hoses are cracked...  basically I was trying to be that annoying woman that men just want to say "OK!! FINE SHUT UP..." well it worked because we got a darn good deal :)
But here's the kicker... The guy takes the bank check and takes it inside to his wife.. to make sure the price was ok... he comes back.. well my wife wants to know where this bank is.. I'm looking at the guy like seriously... Jimminy Crickets he's a yes man...  I hate men like that.. it's like they lost something... like their pride...  well anyways... he googles the bank to make sure it's real.. and calls the branch and verifies that my cowboy was in there getting a bank check....
for the love of God man! then he went in this big long explanation why he did it..  and how people lie.. and this and that.. and my cowboy said.. "yeah people lie a lot.. like my ex-wife said she wouldn't cheat but she did.."  That fella didn't know wether to laugh or say he was sorry... he really looked like his puppy got kicked...  I lost it... I was laughing so hard.  Man-oh-man... that's funny stuff right there...
Well I'm gonna start on my Fajitas and get my cowboy off the backhoe... since I still can see it at work behind the house on the hill....
and I still gotta feed the pig,  Hook up the horse trailer and clean it... pack clothes.... and pack the trailer.... Oh! and my girls, I gotta Collect eggs... My girls will be pissed if I leave them in there since I won't be able to see them tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

down to the boot store, To get me a new pair of Tony Lama Boots

This morning while I was putting my contacts in, My Cowboy says "hey I have an idea"  I'm like ok.  He said "since you bought you a new pair of boots for the wedding" I said "yeah......."  He said "I don't want to wear my alligator or ostrich boots... remember those snake skin ones we saw at Lebo's" I said "uh-huh".  He said "I was thinking of going and getting those, we'd both have new boots for the wedding"
I stared at him for a minute and started singing " I went down to the boot store.... To get me a new pair of TONY LAMA BOOOTS... You know they'll look real fine, with yer cowboy suit."
hahaha.. So he's going to get himself a new pair of Fancy Smancy Snake Skin Cowboy Boots...
I think they are hot.. I like snake skin boots.... He's gonna look good in his cowboy suit... which we have to go buy.. but the store is about an hour away...

Biscuit is still my baby!

I went out to see Biscuit last night and to feed the herd. And as soon as we pulled out there with the tractor, who came running up?  Biscuit.. I jumped down off the tractor and he started nuzzling me then I started scratching him in his spot.. Right under the chin.. he loves that..
I've been carrying my camera around with me lately, Now that I have a new USB cord since Vegas chewed my other one....
I took this picture of my little baby. I love how he just leans up against me and loves on me.
I had no idea cows were this affectionate once you get to know them.
I am blessed to have such wonderful animals in my life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These boots are made for walking..... down the aisle...

These are the boots that I'll be wearing while walking down the aisle...
They are Red Stingray boots..
At least I know I'll wear these again, unlike any other shoes I would have picked out.
they were not really that expensive.. and I totally should have bought the ones I saw in texas a few years ago.. but, I kinda like these better than the ones that were in texas. :)
Lets see what else..
I have finished the bridesmaid dresses... they are not formal.. but nothing about this wedding will be formal.. we are not fancy by no means and there will not be hor d'oeuvres served at our wedding..  if you walk away hungry it's your own darn fault. because we are having a pig pickin'!
let me get on with some pictures. This is the Bridesmaid Dresses:

And here is what will be the table linens, but instead of the flowers that are on this table... I'll have sunflowers in mason jars..

I did get red napkins printed up with cowboy hats on it and stuff.. it's gonna be cute.. :)
I have to make the flower girls dress...  I'll start on that tomorrow..  
I also got involved with trying to earn merit badges from Mary Janes farm.  I applied for a shooting one and the apron sewing one.  since I just made that apron, which I have been using.
I stamped all the save the date cards today, and am about to head back to the post office to mail those out. Then remembered like 2 people I didn't have on the list. I'll mail those tomorrow... I gotta work on the fancy writing crap.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Save The Date..

All the invitations, save the dates and RSVPs came in the mail yesterday.  Along with a second box, of Some gals invitations and bachelorette party invites. apparently Saskatchewan and South Carolina are kinda the same.
Called the company and told them of their mistake, and they said "ok, don't send them back".  Seriously?  I mean at least re-print them and send them out again!

But, got those save the date cards all knocked out today thanks to my cowboy's Momma.....
I have horrible hand writing.... I have the dreaded Doctor writing..  She had me practice my cursive penmanship then....  I wrote my name all fancy on the return RSVP cards.  We couldn't figure out what to put on there.. Il Cavallo Ranch or my name... but, we decided on my name.  After signing my name on a gazillion patient file pages... It was REAL hard to sign my name all fancy-like on an envelope.
Then for supper I made a mexican meatloaf.. Found the recipe in healthy living magazine. It was awesome.. it had yogurt in it. but it was creamy and moist and soft.  mm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm it was good.
Tomorrow I will go to the post office and send out all the save the dates. and send out my farmgirl sister's spring cleaning package, which I'm super excited about.
I also have the farrier coming over to trim some of the horses feet. We don't use shoes on our horses. and I used to trim Maggie's Feet myself.. but, I don't have my dad's nippers and rasp anymore so this new farrier in town said he'll only charge $25/horse.  Which is good in my book.
Also today, I rented tents for the ceremony and got a price on catering my pig pickin' idea. All that is left is a photographer, then I can just go back to normal living :)
Oh! Yesterday at the cow sale we bought 5 more to add to our herd, 3 black angus calves, a texas longhorn heifer and another jersey momma. She's not so trusting as babycakes.  This one has a sack full of milk and won't let me milk her. So I tried to reason with her.. and all she did was moo at me.. and her teat was dripping milk.
She wanted nothing to do with me or anything... So I told her she's gonna just have to dry up and pack her bags and hit the road one hoof in front of the other....  I say that.. but I'll try again tomorrow :)
Or I'll find her some babies.  Also Babycakes and her are pals now.  I could hear babycakes now "thank god some adult conversation"...  hahah...  Well that's all for now.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Carizzos Amazing Grace

Gracie Finally had her baby!  She's a little filly with snowflakes on her rear..  She is expected to roan out when she is bigger. :)
This little Filly was 3 weeks overdue, but her Mother was a maiden mare.
My Cowboy has named her Carizzos Amazing Grace.
Tinys Amazing Grace is the Mother and the Father is "Carizzo" Dash Ta Fame.
My Cowboy was so proud bringing them home from the vet today.  We had brought Gracie up to the vet's when she was a week overdue.  And we have just been waiting and waiting and waiting for this baby. :)

Here is Amazing Grace and my Cowboy:

Here they are in Action

And this is "Carizzo" Dash Ta Fame

So as you can see, she's going to be fast and agile when she grows up. Because Carizzo is one bad mam-a-jama barrel racing horse.. :)

So, that was the big news this weekend.. My parents were up here and helped us with some chores.  I finished up an apron I was working on and hemmed the sleeves on my fathers suit jacket. I have one more apron to make then I'll have 3.  The Invitations and the Save the date cards all came in the mail today. So tomorrow my soon to be mother-in-law is coming over to help me address them :)  I desperately need to plant my big garden, My herb garden is coming up nicely... and I had 1 iris bloom.. I'm telling you these iris's are late this year. I also need to get my sunflowers in the ground. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. Oh and I need to start work on the Flower girls dress :)  I'm excited about that one because it's going to be adorable!  Well this weekend is Easter and it's going to be a busy one. I need to make italian easter bread and some mini tarts, then the saturday before we have a Competition to go to... I wish it was a cow sortin'!  I better be getting to bed..

Friday, April 15, 2011

Holy Fried Moonpie Batman!

Very Rarely do we wind up in Union, SC.  But we had to look at some equipment at an auction. so we drove up to union.. and I saw this little joint on the way up there.. and when we were headed back, my cowboy said "where do you want to eat?".  So I was all for going to the place that had worlds best burgers written on it.  And so we pulled up in here...  the lady took my cowboys order and he said he "wanted a world famous burger."  so the lady said "ok, how do you want it cooked?" he said "however it made itself famous".... un-huh.. So this lady starts laughing.. holy crap she had like 1 tooth in her mouth........ 'nuff said.
So then I ordered a burger with fries.  but I just wanted lettuce and tomato on mine.
So we move on down the line and I see a sign.. it was like a beacon of holy light..... it said "fried moonpies .59 cents". My eyes lit up. I started staring at the sign like a cow looking at a new gate..... I tugged on my cowboys shirt... and all I could do was say "moonpie"... We ordered ourselves one...
it was creamy marshmallowy goodness............. and warm chocolate with powdered sugar all on top.... oh my my my! I'll be going back there..... oh yes I will..
In fact.. I might try to fry me some moonpies.......

New Purse

Here is what I came up with yesterday.. I used an old pair of jeans, an old belt and a buckle that I won in Florida.. and some old scraps of material I had around, made a strap with cherries and plaid lined inside..
and viola! brand new purse and it didn't cost a dime :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, life on the farm is kinda laid back... Ain't much an old country girl like me can't hack..

My days are all filled with an easy country charm..  Indeed.. Can you tell I've been listening to John Denver today? :)
So today I'm thinking to sew some aprons and make a new purse.. I need a new purse, but I don't want to buy one.. they are so expensive and ridiculous. so I'm going to try to make one out of an old pair of jeans. I've been loosing weight and I have a lot of pants that don't fit.. and I've been using them to work in the yard.. but they get annoying falling down and such.
I finished the bridesmaid dresses..  well I have 2 zippers to put on. And then I'm done :)  I'm going to start working on the flower girls dress next week.  My Parents are coming up this weekend :)
Dad is going to help around the farm to help us fix everything up. Well not everything but we have some things to do.. routine maintenance like painting.  and we need to run some more water lines to different places. So dad is going to help with that.
This wedding is going to be beautiful...   
I've got some buttermilk honey bread baking... it's just now starting to smell good... I love the smell of bread..  In fact I would say bread is my favorite food..
In that picture above is Bosco.  I've had him forever (like 17 years) that picture was taken about 3 years ago, and I have always loved it.  I found him sleeping in the pasture and went out and sat down next to him and my dad took the picture. I believe it was actually Easter Sunday.  Well I better get to working on my day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I do it MY way...

There has been much debate about what I'm doing with my life lately...

Point 1 - I spent 6 years in School.. In fact I have spent more hours in school then I have actually living my life.. ok.. so yay.. I have a BS and I'm a doctor...  I'm not practicing because I need a BREAK.

Point 2 - Ok I tentatively said I'd start to open a practice in July.. well a major life changing event happened... I'm getting married in July. And I had no idea I'd even been engaged let alone getting married when I spewed out July as a timeline.

Point 3 - People and family members should just stay out of my business. I'm living my life. A 6 year tour through vietnam in a high stress prison is enough to stress you out and burn you out mentally and physically.  I always referred to my school as Vietnam.. it was like war... most of my peers were too busy trying to see you fail and bring you down. Therefore every new quarter was like war... That's all it was.. constant war.  Teachers that couldn't hack it in the real world professing how we are all going to get sued for malpractice and never succeed at our profession.  Well, bless their heart because I'm the one that isn't getting paid 30k a year to teach and not practice....

And for those of you who think farming is hard work.. it is.. and I'm proud to do it. I'm proud of what I build and grow.. I'm proud of the cattle I have raised from bottle feeding them.  I'm proud of our ranch and my drive to work as hard as I do. I love my chickens..  My daddy didn't raise no meek, lazy, uneducated woman.  he raised me... a working girl.  I know how to change oil and brake pads. I can drive tractors and trucks with big trailers.. and oh my gosh! even back a trailer up. I can plow a field all day and fix barbed wire fences... There is nothing to hard to do if you are doing it because you want to.

And right now... it would be very hard for me to practice right now, simply because I don't want to.  I need this break.  So this was my public service announcement.  I will be a doctor.  I took an oath.. I will get my license and I will open a practice.  Just let me be for a few months so I can re-cooperate from the worst 6 year experience of my life.  Thank you.. please drive through.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Every morning I wake up.. I see this out of my kitchen window..
Then I start making coffee, frying bacon and eggs and either making biscuits or toasting some bread I've made... We have breakfast then my cowboy goes to his feed mill and I start my daily chores like, feeding the pig and the momma cow Babycakes. And feeding the calves if I have any that I am bottle feeding. Collecting the eggs from the chickens.  Feeding my momma horses and playing with the babies. Then I usually either make a loaf of bread, do some laundry clean up a bit and start wondering what to make for supper...
88 days closing in until we get married here on our ranch.  We picked a spot high on the hill in the back that overlooks the pond, barns, silos and the property. It's absolutely breathtaking to look around and see how much we have and the changes we've already made in this short amount of time we have been here..
My maid of honor was here this weekend visiting her beau.  And the two of them decided to work his belgians. And they had a great idea: The wedding party will be brought to the hill on an old John Deere corn wagon drawn by two belgians.  It is absolutely perfect!
My Maid of honor and I headed down to Columbia to find some dresses for the bridesmaids.. there is nothing to be had.. and I think it might be because it's the end of prom season or something. (Side note - I never went to prom). So we headed to Hancocks Fabric store and picked out some patterns and some material and I'm making the bridesmaids dresses, and the flower girls dress.
I need to start doing this today... Well my plan is to have everything laid out and cut so I can just start sewing. In my opinion the hardest part of making something is laying it out and cutting it.. It's just so tedious. But, I enjoy the heck out of sewing it.  I'm also making myself two aprons. They were in the queue before I added the dresses. But, the dresses get bumped up.
I should probably go start on these little endeavors and mow the lawn. My cowboy says I can have all the flower I want, he just ain't mowing the grass around them.  I think I can handle mowing the lawn. I'm going to wait on that until it dries up some.  We had some good storms last night and the sun is peaking out but, not quite enough yet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Growing Up...

Well today was a semi-sad day.... I needed to let my baby biscuit grow up and join the rest of the herd. We loaded Biscuit, Diesel and Dennis up on the stock trailer and headed out to the back 40 where the herd was.  We got out and my cowboy made me open the trailer door... and there were my three babies just standing there staring out...  Dennis started mooing and they were all sniffing around...  The three of them hit the ground.. and Biscuit put his tail up in the air and started running around mooing and bucking having just a big ol' time.  I was so happy he was happy.  Then he came back over ate some grass.. then took off again..  Then him and Diesel were running around like dorks.  So it wasn't as sad as I thought. No in our calving barn that leaves our momma cow Babycakes and her two adopted babies, Ray and Bradley. My cowboy said I was going to suffer from empty nest syndrome.  I don't think so, I still have baby calves, I have my new foal and more to come.. I have plenty of new babies :)
Once we watched the calves run around the pasture a bit, we headed back to the house. I went down to the chicken coop to collect my eggs for the day.. 
My chicky-poos are nuts, they lay their eggs late in the morning, and occasionally I accidentally open the door to the nesting box and find a chicken that cocks her head crooked at me and screams "BWah-KAAAAAAAAA" and I scream "Oh my god I'm sorry!" then close the door.. and try back later :)
But before I collected eggs.. I went into the chicky-poo cafe too, and checked on the chicks... boy oh boy they are getting big... the ducks are almost ready to be let out on the pond.. and those ducks are MEAN.  sheesh. But, I'm anxious to know how many hens I got vs. how many roosters I've got out of my Americana bunch...  
While I was in with the chicks, My girls were all pressed up against the chicken wire clucking at me and staring me down. My cowboy said they were jealous.  So I had to go over and pet all of them... and get my eggs. 
Then we walked back up to the house and I put some sweet potatoes in the oven and put on some sweet yellow corn to boil and we walked out to the back to pick out a spot to get married at, and make a list of things we need to do in the next 89 days.. once that was done.. we had supper on the front porch.. then Went to feed Tiger, her baby stormy and Shy, whom we are waiting on her baby.

Here is my cowboy and Shy, see the size of her belly?

Here is Stormy even he's getting big :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Babies!!

I have been waiting for my girl Tiger to have her baby... and every night when I feed her.. I say.. Please have your baby..  So she hasn't had it until last night!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a terrible storm, complete with lightning, thunder, extremely high winds and a tornado watch...
Woke me up a few times during the night.. I thought bombs were going off and stuff..
So my cowboy wakes up around 5am, it's still dark outside, he said he was going to check tiger... I rolled over and went back to sleep... then I woke up.. and realized he still wasn't back... then went back to sleep.. I kept thinking about tiger.. and last night I told her.. Nah, not tonight.. I told her forget about the baby I'm not waking up all bouncy to the bathroom window to look out to see if she had it... 2 weeks of it is enough..
So my cowboy crawls back into bed.. and he says "you're not gonna ask?"  I said.. "Nah... she didn't have it like usual"  he said... "oh yes she did".. I jumped up I said. "WhAT?!?!?  does it have spots? is it a girl? what color??"  he said.. "from what I can tell its brown with something on it's face" .. I said "no spots? I'm glad we gelded chief".
Chief is or actually was our leopard appaloosa stud, when my Cowboy bought him, he was 45/45 babies with spots on the ground...
OMG since we have had him... he's thrown out 2 babies with spots.. out of 6 so far.. well make that 8 since we have two babies.. so far... I was thinking to name Tiger's filly "Tigers april Storm"  and maybe call her stormy... But, she will be a registered appaloosa... her dad is a leopard app.. I just can't believe she don't have spots.  And Tiger is a registered AQHA horse....  but, she will have to be registered Appy..

Here is the other baby we have had so far.. This is Sassy, she is a paint horse bred to chief.. and AGAIN solid horse.. no spots.. not even paint markings... just crazy..

and for good measure.. here is Chief...

and now onto my new adventure.. My wedding...
I like the sound of that... I've never been married before.. and I have NO idea what I'm doing with this planning thing.. but I'm in luck because my Cowboy's Sweet Momma used to coordinate weddings, So yesterday she got me on the ball..  I went to her house yesterday and she had a list of dress shops and their addresses and their ratings.. I mean she was on point!
So we headed to the closest one.. and when I was parking my dually in 2 spaces I was thinking..  If i get some kind of girl that is all "OMG YOUR GETTING MARRIED"  I was either gonna slap her.. or walk right out... but, no I got some lady at the door, that asked me 3 times if I went online and started a profile.. I answered no twice and the third time.. I said.. Lady I live on a diary farm, we have NO internet... so she handed me some piece of paper and I filled it out.. and then handed me off to some girl named Dana...  she said.. "what would you like in a wedding dress?" I said.. Well Dana.. I can't stand tube tops.. I don't like bright white.. so that leaves us with what?  She said.. "any dress in this store can have sleeves added to it"  I said "perfect.  Now mind you.. I HATE shopping.. I mean Utterly Hate shopping.. so I guess I was a little stand off-ish to start out.. but once I started telling her what I like, she completely understood...  so she showed me a few things to get an idea of what I liked.. and then asked me what my budget was...  well I just so happen to have the best parents in the world.. so I called my father up before I left the house and asked him what my budget was.. he said and I quote "you are my only daughter.. you get what you want".  so that is exactly what I told Dana.. and she said.. wow... ok.. lets go over here.. so she showed me a dress on a mannequin.. and I liked it.. had most of the qualities I wanted... then she asked me what size I wore in jeans.. I said 5-6.. She said "ok that means in the wedding dress world you are a 8-10"  I was like wow, she said "yeah and the bra sizes are bigger and the slip sizes are 6x smaller",  so we got that dress... and then His momma found one.. that was all lace. and it was gorgeous.. we took that one.. and she said we will start with these.. then we headed towards a dressing room, that she totally put my name on with hearts all around it.. *gag*
Then she asked my bra size.. and gave me two bras, and a slip sized 14 lol..  I said Okies.. she explained how to put the bra/corset looking thing on then the slip over it... then put the dress on over your head...
So She closed the door and I proceeded to get sucked up like a little doll.. lol...  then I went to pull the dress off the hanger.. HOLY CRAP.. it must have weight 20lbs..  I must have said out loud Geeze or something.. because Dana was like.. are you ok?  I said.. yeah this dress feels like a feed sack..
lol..  So I got it on.. and walked out to a room filled with mirrors... I wasn't impressed.. so I changed into the dress his momma picked out.. and I really liked it.. then Dana came back with more dresses... like 4 of them... I said no to 3 of them.. then the last one.. man oh man.. it was pretty.. and looked realllllllly expensive lots of bead work and all ivory satin...  I said.. I'll try that one on.. she said that was the last one they had.. and it was an 8, she said if it was too big we could size it down... I said ok.. so I got that other dress offand put this one on..  got zipped up and stood in front of that mirror.. that darn dress fit me like a glove.. I looked at his momma and I said.. this is the dress.. and Dana said.. Already?  I was like.. yeah...  so she looked at the tag.. and said.. oh it's on sale.. then hopped over to the register and came back and said.. it's really on sale.. I said it didn't really matter.. what it was..  so then I picked out a tiara and a veil and then added sleeves and the only other alteration I had to get done was have it shortened...  the girl said.. well bring the shoes you are going to wear and we will hem it after the sleeves are put on..
I said.. "I'll be wearing cowboy boots, and I have them so let us just do this all now" ... and that was that.. I have a dress.. and I pick it up may 9th.. I would put pictures up... but, my cowboy might stumble upon this.. and it's bad luck for him to see the dress... so y'all will have to wait :)
Then today.. I picked out flowers.. Sunflowers and Red Roses.. So my bridesmaids can wear red dresses... and Sunflowers because they are one of my favorite.. and the nice ladies said they would put other wild flowers all around in there.. and make me a big center spray for the table that we will sit at with big sunflowers.. and for the tables.. she's gonna use mason jars as the vases :)
This is gonna be one big ol' country wedding :)
I've gotta get busy on this thing they called "save the date" cards.. and getting invitations.. since.. there is.. 95 days left until the wedding... so says  hahah!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let me shine a little love light...

I woke up this morning.. and I seriously think that everything looked different.. 
And we woke up and I looked down at my finger.. and no, this wasn't no dream.. it was totally reality :)
I'm getting MARRIED!! He's a wonderful man, and he loves me and makes me incredibly happy :)

As soon as I focused in on my 60 tiny little sparkling diamonds and that big rock in the middle.. I immediately had a smile on my face..  and we got up, I started on Biscuits.. which I made whole wheat heart shaped biscuits.. yes... I'm cheesin'.  And let me tell you what.. my cowboy makes the best omelets ever.  These omelets were made of sausage and sautee'd red and green peppers and sweet onions.. mmmmmhmmmmmmm it was good... My mom set the table and my dad made coffee.  and we all threw down in that kitchen.. but, backing up to last night..  I was so excited last night I couldn't get out whole sentences... But, My cowboy and my dad were out feeding the livestock and my momma and I were in the kitchen cooking, we were frying up green tomatoes, and I made a remoulade sauce.. and we all sat down to eat... then after we were all done.. we were sitting there talking.. and my cowboy puts his hand out and I took his hand.. then his eyes welled up and he said "I can't keep this in any longer".. I looked at my mom.. she looked at me... I was thinking.. "may-day may-day".. but no... He said "I wanted to do this at earl's ford while we were trail riding but, I can't wait".. I dummy over here still didn't know what was going on... until he started pulling out this ring.. and he told me he loved me and wanted me to marry him.. well I started crying.. I really had no idea this is what was happening.. I put that ring on and he stood up and I stood up and I was just huggin' his neck... then we sat back down, I looked around and there was not a dry eye in the house.. even the 5 dogs were staring....  I said "yes........ that sounds like a good idea" :)  HOLY CRAP I'm so excited I just can't stand it..
So then last night.. neither one of us could sleep and we were talking.. about the date...  I said.. I don't want summer.. he said he didn't want winter.. and I said that leaves us with Fall and spring.. and he said he didn't want to wait until spring of next year.. so that left us with fall.. lol.. so we decided October..
So this morning I picked October 1st and asked if that was ok He said "I would marry you tomorrow".  So October 1st..... that was until My Momma and his momma got on the phone and decided I was dragging my feet.. His momma said "why wait.. that's a whole summer away" then she told me a story about how she met her husband on December 2nd, they were engaged by the 9th and married in February...  and then married for 47 years... that.. right there.. is the meaning of meant to be!
So.. they decided July..  and the only weekend that seems to be the best is the 9th.. my birthday!
And my mom asked about a church or chapel and I said.. Right here on our ranch.. 
this right here is what we are about.. we are home people, we love our land and our animals and each other.. so there is not a more perfect place than on our own ranch... 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A great surprise :)

Tonight my cowboy asked me to marry him!

And of course I said YES!

Here is the ring :)