Carizzos Amazing Grace

Gracie Finally had her baby!  She's a little filly with snowflakes on her rear..  She is expected to roan out when she is bigger. :)
This little Filly was 3 weeks overdue, but her Mother was a maiden mare.
My Cowboy has named her Carizzos Amazing Grace.
Tinys Amazing Grace is the Mother and the Father is "Carizzo" Dash Ta Fame.
My Cowboy was so proud bringing them home from the vet today.  We had brought Gracie up to the vet's when she was a week overdue.  And we have just been waiting and waiting and waiting for this baby. :)

Here is Amazing Grace and my Cowboy:

Here they are in Action

And this is "Carizzo" Dash Ta Fame

So as you can see, she's going to be fast and agile when she grows up. Because Carizzo is one bad mam-a-jama barrel racing horse.. :)

So, that was the big news this weekend.. My parents were up here and helped us with some chores.  I finished up an apron I was working on and hemmed the sleeves on my fathers suit jacket. I have one more apron to make then I'll have 3.  The Invitations and the Save the date cards all came in the mail today. So tomorrow my soon to be mother-in-law is coming over to help me address them :)  I desperately need to plant my big garden, My herb garden is coming up nicely... and I had 1 iris bloom.. I'm telling you these iris's are late this year. I also need to get my sunflowers in the ground. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. Oh and I need to start work on the Flower girls dress :)  I'm excited about that one because it's going to be adorable!  Well this weekend is Easter and it's going to be a busy one. I need to make italian easter bread and some mini tarts, then the saturday before we have a Competition to go to... I wish it was a cow sortin'!  I better be getting to bed..


  1. Congrats on the new birth! You sure are a busy lady!


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