down to the boot store, To get me a new pair of Tony Lama Boots

This morning while I was putting my contacts in, My Cowboy says "hey I have an idea"  I'm like ok.  He said "since you bought you a new pair of boots for the wedding" I said "yeah......."  He said "I don't want to wear my alligator or ostrich boots... remember those snake skin ones we saw at Lebo's" I said "uh-huh".  He said "I was thinking of going and getting those, we'd both have new boots for the wedding"
I stared at him for a minute and started singing " I went down to the boot store.... To get me a new pair of TONY LAMA BOOOTS... You know they'll look real fine, with yer cowboy suit."
hahaha.. So he's going to get himself a new pair of Fancy Smancy Snake Skin Cowboy Boots...
I think they are hot.. I like snake skin boots.... He's gonna look good in his cowboy suit... which we have to go buy.. but the store is about an hour away...


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