Growing Up...

Well today was a semi-sad day.... I needed to let my baby biscuit grow up and join the rest of the herd. We loaded Biscuit, Diesel and Dennis up on the stock trailer and headed out to the back 40 where the herd was.  We got out and my cowboy made me open the trailer door... and there were my three babies just standing there staring out...  Dennis started mooing and they were all sniffing around...  The three of them hit the ground.. and Biscuit put his tail up in the air and started running around mooing and bucking having just a big ol' time.  I was so happy he was happy.  Then he came back over ate some grass.. then took off again..  Then him and Diesel were running around like dorks.  So it wasn't as sad as I thought. No in our calving barn that leaves our momma cow Babycakes and her two adopted babies, Ray and Bradley. My cowboy said I was going to suffer from empty nest syndrome.  I don't think so, I still have baby calves, I have my new foal and more to come.. I have plenty of new babies :)
Once we watched the calves run around the pasture a bit, we headed back to the house. I went down to the chicken coop to collect my eggs for the day.. 
My chicky-poos are nuts, they lay their eggs late in the morning, and occasionally I accidentally open the door to the nesting box and find a chicken that cocks her head crooked at me and screams "BWah-KAAAAAAAAA" and I scream "Oh my god I'm sorry!" then close the door.. and try back later :)
But before I collected eggs.. I went into the chicky-poo cafe too, and checked on the chicks... boy oh boy they are getting big... the ducks are almost ready to be let out on the pond.. and those ducks are MEAN.  sheesh. But, I'm anxious to know how many hens I got vs. how many roosters I've got out of my Americana bunch...  
While I was in with the chicks, My girls were all pressed up against the chicken wire clucking at me and staring me down. My cowboy said they were jealous.  So I had to go over and pet all of them... and get my eggs. 
Then we walked back up to the house and I put some sweet potatoes in the oven and put on some sweet yellow corn to boil and we walked out to the back to pick out a spot to get married at, and make a list of things we need to do in the next 89 days.. once that was done.. we had supper on the front porch.. then Went to feed Tiger, her baby stormy and Shy, whom we are waiting on her baby.

Here is my cowboy and Shy, see the size of her belly?

Here is Stormy even he's getting big :)


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