Holy Fried Moonpie Batman!

Very Rarely do we wind up in Union, SC.  But we had to look at some equipment at an auction. so we drove up to union.. and I saw this little joint on the way up there.. and when we were headed back, my cowboy said "where do you want to eat?".  So I was all for going to the place that had worlds best burgers written on it.  And so we pulled up in here...  the lady took my cowboys order and he said he "wanted a world famous burger."  so the lady said "ok, how do you want it cooked?" he said "however it made itself famous".... un-huh.. So this lady starts laughing.. holy crap she had like 1 tooth in her mouth........ 'nuff said.
So then I ordered a burger with fries.  but I just wanted lettuce and tomato on mine.
So we move on down the line and I see a sign.. it was like a beacon of holy light..... it said "fried moonpies .59 cents". My eyes lit up. I started staring at the sign like a cow looking at a new gate..... I tugged on my cowboys shirt... and all I could do was say "moonpie"... We ordered ourselves one...
it was creamy marshmallowy goodness............. and warm chocolate with powdered sugar all on top.... oh my my my! I'll be going back there..... oh yes I will..
In fact.. I might try to fry me some moonpies.......


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