I do it MY way...

There has been much debate about what I'm doing with my life lately...

Point 1 - I spent 6 years in School.. In fact I have spent more hours in school then I have actually living my life.. ok.. so yay.. I have a BS and I'm a doctor...  I'm not practicing because I need a BREAK.

Point 2 - Ok I tentatively said I'd start to open a practice in July.. well a major life changing event happened... I'm getting married in July. And I had no idea I'd even been engaged let alone getting married when I spewed out July as a timeline.

Point 3 - People and family members should just stay out of my business. I'm living my life. A 6 year tour through vietnam in a high stress prison is enough to stress you out and burn you out mentally and physically.  I always referred to my school as Vietnam.. it was like war... most of my peers were too busy trying to see you fail and bring you down. Therefore every new quarter was like war... That's all it was.. constant war.  Teachers that couldn't hack it in the real world professing how we are all going to get sued for malpractice and never succeed at our profession.  Well, bless their heart because I'm the one that isn't getting paid 30k a year to teach and not practice....

And for those of you who think farming is hard work.. it is.. and I'm proud to do it. I'm proud of what I build and grow.. I'm proud of the cattle I have raised from bottle feeding them.  I'm proud of our ranch and my drive to work as hard as I do. I love my chickens..  My daddy didn't raise no meek, lazy, uneducated woman.  he raised me... a working girl.  I know how to change oil and brake pads. I can drive tractors and trucks with big trailers.. and oh my gosh! even back a trailer up. I can plow a field all day and fix barbed wire fences... There is nothing to hard to do if you are doing it because you want to.

And right now... it would be very hard for me to practice right now, simply because I don't want to.  I need this break.  So this was my public service announcement.  I will be a doctor.  I took an oath.. I will get my license and I will open a practice.  Just let me be for a few months so I can re-cooperate from the worst 6 year experience of my life.  Thank you.. please drive through.


  1. Girl, you are so amazing it takes my breath away! :-) I did the school thing and leapt into work...and now, I kind of don't want to do the work thing any more! I've been a "professional" for nearly 15 years, I'm 36, and darn it all, I don't think I need to have some nice title to say I am doing okay. Farming is hard work, and very worthwhile--as you well know! So, keep on doing what you are doing and be happy in your own heart. Other folks can just be envious of a good life when they see it in yours.


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