Let me shine a little love light...

I woke up this morning.. and I seriously think that everything looked different.. 
And we woke up and I looked down at my finger.. and no, this wasn't no dream.. it was totally reality :)
I'm getting MARRIED!! He's a wonderful man, and he loves me and makes me incredibly happy :)

As soon as I focused in on my 60 tiny little sparkling diamonds and that big rock in the middle.. I immediately had a smile on my face..  and we got up, I started on Biscuits.. which I made whole wheat heart shaped biscuits.. yes... I'm cheesin'.  And let me tell you what.. my cowboy makes the best omelets ever.  These omelets were made of sausage and sautee'd red and green peppers and sweet onions.. mmmmmhmmmmmmm it was good... My mom set the table and my dad made coffee.  and we all threw down in that kitchen.. but, backing up to last night..  I was so excited last night I couldn't get out whole sentences... But, My cowboy and my dad were out feeding the livestock and my momma and I were in the kitchen cooking, we were frying up green tomatoes, and I made a remoulade sauce.. and we all sat down to eat... then after we were all done.. we were sitting there talking.. and my cowboy puts his hand out and I took his hand.. then his eyes welled up and he said "I can't keep this in any longer".. I looked at my mom.. she looked at me... I was thinking.. "may-day may-day".. but no... He said "I wanted to do this at earl's ford while we were trail riding but, I can't wait".. I dummy over here still didn't know what was going on... until he started pulling out this ring.. and he told me he loved me and wanted me to marry him.. well I started crying.. I really had no idea this is what was happening.. I put that ring on and he stood up and I stood up and I was just huggin' his neck... then we sat back down, I looked around and there was not a dry eye in the house.. even the 5 dogs were staring....  I said "yes........ that sounds like a good idea" :)  HOLY CRAP I'm so excited I just can't stand it..
So then last night.. neither one of us could sleep and we were talking.. about the date...  I said.. I don't want summer.. he said he didn't want winter.. and I said that leaves us with Fall and spring.. and he said he didn't want to wait until spring of next year.. so that left us with fall.. lol.. so we decided October..
So this morning I picked October 1st and asked if that was ok He said "I would marry you tomorrow".  So October 1st..... that was until My Momma and his momma got on the phone and decided I was dragging my feet.. His momma said "why wait.. that's a whole summer away" then she told me a story about how she met her husband on December 2nd, they were engaged by the 9th and married in February...  and then married for 47 years... that.. right there.. is the meaning of meant to be!
So.. they decided July..  and the only weekend that seems to be the best is the 9th.. my birthday!
And my mom asked about a church or chapel and I said.. Right here on our ranch.. 
this right here is what we are about.. we are home people, we love our land and our animals and each other.. so there is not a more perfect place than on our own ranch... 


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