Every morning I wake up.. I see this out of my kitchen window..
Then I start making coffee, frying bacon and eggs and either making biscuits or toasting some bread I've made... We have breakfast then my cowboy goes to his feed mill and I start my daily chores like, feeding the pig and the momma cow Babycakes. And feeding the calves if I have any that I am bottle feeding. Collecting the eggs from the chickens.  Feeding my momma horses and playing with the babies. Then I usually either make a loaf of bread, do some laundry clean up a bit and start wondering what to make for supper...
88 days closing in until we get married here on our ranch.  We picked a spot high on the hill in the back that overlooks the pond, barns, silos and the property. It's absolutely breathtaking to look around and see how much we have and the changes we've already made in this short amount of time we have been here..
My maid of honor was here this weekend visiting her beau.  And the two of them decided to work his belgians. And they had a great idea: The wedding party will be brought to the hill on an old John Deere corn wagon drawn by two belgians.  It is absolutely perfect!
My Maid of honor and I headed down to Columbia to find some dresses for the bridesmaids.. there is nothing to be had.. and I think it might be because it's the end of prom season or something. (Side note - I never went to prom). So we headed to Hancocks Fabric store and picked out some patterns and some material and I'm making the bridesmaids dresses, and the flower girls dress.
I need to start doing this today... Well my plan is to have everything laid out and cut so I can just start sewing. In my opinion the hardest part of making something is laying it out and cutting it.. It's just so tedious. But, I enjoy the heck out of sewing it.  I'm also making myself two aprons. They were in the queue before I added the dresses. But, the dresses get bumped up.
I should probably go start on these little endeavors and mow the lawn. My cowboy says I can have all the flower I want, he just ain't mowing the grass around them.  I think I can handle mowing the lawn. I'm going to wait on that until it dries up some.  We had some good storms last night and the sun is peaking out but, not quite enough yet.


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