I've been pretty darn busy the past few days... and I'm real proud of what we got accomplished.
Got the garden Planted, the well houses painted, the barn next to the house painted and the calving barn re-modeled.  We have people working on our Milking barn now, they are cutting out walls and making a man cave out there :)
But, The main thing that was accomplished was the calving barn.
Here is what I started with.

We added 2 coats of white paint. Sanded the metal rusted doors down, painted them red. Made Shutters for the windows out of 1x4s and painted them red.. and here is what 2 days of hard work accomplished :)

Other than that, I now have a farmer's tan... or should I call that a wife beater tan since I was wearing a wife beater tank top ;)
Our Ranch will be all updated by the wedding.  I am working on this other old barn, painting it red. I have a before picture.  But I only have 2 sides of it painted.. This red is a hard color to paint on top of metal, and it's taking two coats. Plus I ran into a wasp nest on one side.. so I took off running :P, I will get back to that as soon as it stops raining. We didn't get many of those big storms that came through, but it rained, and it is raining on and off today.
Oh and next week we are having engagement photo's taken around the ranch.. I will post those when I get all that information.  I am going to figure out what jellies I'm going to make for the year and get some stuff done around the house, then get ready for the cattleman's meeting this evening.


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