Save The Date..

All the invitations, save the dates and RSVPs came in the mail yesterday.  Along with a second box, of Some gals invitations and bachelorette party invites. apparently Saskatchewan and South Carolina are kinda the same.
Called the company and told them of their mistake, and they said "ok, don't send them back".  Seriously?  I mean at least re-print them and send them out again!

But, got those save the date cards all knocked out today thanks to my cowboy's Momma.....
I have horrible hand writing.... I have the dreaded Doctor writing..  She had me practice my cursive penmanship then....  I wrote my name all fancy on the return RSVP cards.  We couldn't figure out what to put on there.. Il Cavallo Ranch or my name... but, we decided on my name.  After signing my name on a gazillion patient file pages... It was REAL hard to sign my name all fancy-like on an envelope.
Then for supper I made a mexican meatloaf.. Found the recipe in healthy living magazine. It was awesome.. it had yogurt in it. but it was creamy and moist and soft.  mm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm it was good.
Tomorrow I will go to the post office and send out all the save the dates. and send out my farmgirl sister's spring cleaning package, which I'm super excited about.
I also have the farrier coming over to trim some of the horses feet. We don't use shoes on our horses. and I used to trim Maggie's Feet myself.. but, I don't have my dad's nippers and rasp anymore so this new farrier in town said he'll only charge $25/horse.  Which is good in my book.
Also today, I rented tents for the ceremony and got a price on catering my pig pickin' idea. All that is left is a photographer, then I can just go back to normal living :)
Oh! Yesterday at the cow sale we bought 5 more to add to our herd, 3 black angus calves, a texas longhorn heifer and another jersey momma. She's not so trusting as babycakes.  This one has a sack full of milk and won't let me milk her. So I tried to reason with her.. and all she did was moo at me.. and her teat was dripping milk.
She wanted nothing to do with me or anything... So I told her she's gonna just have to dry up and pack her bags and hit the road one hoof in front of the other....  I say that.. but I'll try again tomorrow :)
Or I'll find her some babies.  Also Babycakes and her are pals now.  I could hear babycakes now "thank god some adult conversation"...  hahah...  Well that's all for now.


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