Spring Babies!!

I have been waiting for my girl Tiger to have her baby... and every night when I feed her.. I say.. Please have your baby..  So she hasn't had it until last night!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a terrible storm, complete with lightning, thunder, extremely high winds and a tornado watch...
Woke me up a few times during the night.. I thought bombs were going off and stuff..
So my cowboy wakes up around 5am, it's still dark outside, he said he was going to check tiger... I rolled over and went back to sleep... then I woke up.. and realized he still wasn't back... then went back to sleep.. I kept thinking about tiger.. and last night I told her.. Nah, not tonight.. I told her forget about the baby I'm not waking up all bouncy to the bathroom window to look out to see if she had it... 2 weeks of it is enough..
So my cowboy crawls back into bed.. and he says "you're not gonna ask?"  I said.. "Nah... she didn't have it like usual"  he said... "oh yes she did".. I jumped up I said. "WhAT?!?!?  does it have spots? is it a girl? what color??"  he said.. "from what I can tell its brown with something on it's face" .. I said "no spots? I'm glad we gelded chief".
Chief is or actually was our leopard appaloosa stud, when my Cowboy bought him, he was 45/45 babies with spots on the ground...
OMG since we have had him... he's thrown out 2 babies with spots.. out of 6 so far.. well make that 8 since we have two babies.. so far... I was thinking to name Tiger's filly "Tigers april Storm"  and maybe call her stormy... But, she will be a registered appaloosa... her dad is a leopard app.. I just can't believe she don't have spots.  And Tiger is a registered AQHA horse....  but, she will have to be registered Appy..

Here is the other baby we have had so far.. This is Sassy, she is a paint horse bred to chief.. and AGAIN solid horse.. no spots.. not even paint markings... just crazy..

and for good measure.. here is Chief...

and now onto my new adventure.. My wedding...
I like the sound of that... I've never been married before.. and I have NO idea what I'm doing with this planning thing.. but I'm in luck because my Cowboy's Sweet Momma used to coordinate weddings, So yesterday she got me on the ball..  I went to her house yesterday and she had a list of dress shops and their addresses and their ratings.. I mean she was on point!
So we headed to the closest one.. and when I was parking my dually in 2 spaces I was thinking..  If i get some kind of girl that is all "OMG YOUR GETTING MARRIED"  I was either gonna slap her.. or walk right out... but, no I got some lady at the door, that asked me 3 times if I went online and started a profile.. I answered no twice and the third time.. I said.. Lady I live on a diary farm, we have NO internet... so she handed me some piece of paper and I filled it out.. and then handed me off to some girl named Dana...  she said.. "what would you like in a wedding dress?" I said.. Well Dana.. I can't stand tube tops.. I don't like bright white.. so that leaves us with what?  She said.. "any dress in this store can have sleeves added to it"  I said "perfect.  Now mind you.. I HATE shopping.. I mean Utterly Hate shopping.. so I guess I was a little stand off-ish to start out.. but once I started telling her what I like, she completely understood...  so she showed me a few things to get an idea of what I liked.. and then asked me what my budget was...  well I just so happen to have the best parents in the world.. so I called my father up before I left the house and asked him what my budget was.. he said and I quote "you are my only daughter.. you get what you want".  so that is exactly what I told Dana.. and she said.. wow... ok.. lets go over here.. so she showed me a dress on a mannequin.. and I liked it.. had most of the qualities I wanted... then she asked me what size I wore in jeans.. I said 5-6.. She said "ok that means in the wedding dress world you are a 8-10"  I was like wow, she said "yeah and the bra sizes are bigger and the slip sizes are 6x smaller",  so we got that dress... and then His momma found one.. that was all lace. and it was gorgeous.. we took that one.. and she said we will start with these.. then we headed towards a dressing room, that she totally put my name on with hearts all around it.. *gag*
Then she asked my bra size.. and gave me two bras, and a slip sized 14 lol..  I said Okies.. she explained how to put the bra/corset looking thing on then the slip over it... then put the dress on over your head...
So She closed the door and I proceeded to get sucked up like a little doll.. lol...  then I went to pull the dress off the hanger.. HOLY CRAP.. it must have weight 20lbs..  I must have said out loud Geeze or something.. because Dana was like.. are you ok?  I said.. yeah this dress feels like a feed sack..
lol..  So I got it on.. and walked out to a room filled with mirrors... I wasn't impressed.. so I changed into the dress his momma picked out.. and I really liked it.. then Dana came back with more dresses... like 4 of them... I said no to 3 of them.. then the last one.. man oh man.. it was pretty.. and looked realllllllly expensive lots of bead work and all ivory satin...  I said.. I'll try that one on.. she said that was the last one they had.. and it was an 8, she said if it was too big we could size it down... I said ok.. so I got that other dress offand put this one on..  got zipped up and stood in front of that mirror.. that darn dress fit me like a glove.. I looked at his momma and I said.. this is the dress.. and Dana said.. Already?  I was like.. yeah...  so she looked at the tag.. and said.. oh it's on sale.. then hopped over to the register and came back and said.. it's really on sale.. I said it didn't really matter.. what it was..  so then I picked out a tiara and a veil and then added sleeves and the only other alteration I had to get done was have it shortened...  the girl said.. well bring the shoes you are going to wear and we will hem it after the sleeves are put on..
I said.. "I'll be wearing cowboy boots, and I have them so let us just do this all now" ... and that was that.. I have a dress.. and I pick it up may 9th.. I would put pictures up... but, my cowboy might stumble upon this.. and it's bad luck for him to see the dress... so y'all will have to wait :)
Then today.. I picked out flowers.. Sunflowers and Red Roses.. So my bridesmaids can wear red dresses... and Sunflowers because they are one of my favorite.. and the nice ladies said they would put other wild flowers all around in there.. and make me a big center spray for the table that we will sit at with big sunflowers.. and for the tables.. she's gonna use mason jars as the vases :)
This is gonna be one big ol' country wedding :)
I've gotta get busy on this thing they called "save the date" cards.. and getting invitations.. since.. there is.. 95 days left until the wedding... so says www.theknot.com  hahah!


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