These boots are made for walking..... down the aisle...

These are the boots that I'll be wearing while walking down the aisle...
They are Red Stingray boots..
At least I know I'll wear these again, unlike any other shoes I would have picked out.
they were not really that expensive.. and I totally should have bought the ones I saw in texas a few years ago.. but, I kinda like these better than the ones that were in texas. :)
Lets see what else..
I have finished the bridesmaid dresses... they are not formal.. but nothing about this wedding will be formal.. we are not fancy by no means and there will not be hor d'oeuvres served at our wedding..  if you walk away hungry it's your own darn fault. because we are having a pig pickin'!
let me get on with some pictures. This is the Bridesmaid Dresses:

And here is what will be the table linens, but instead of the flowers that are on this table... I'll have sunflowers in mason jars..

I did get red napkins printed up with cowboy hats on it and stuff.. it's gonna be cute.. :)
I have to make the flower girls dress...  I'll start on that tomorrow..  
I also got involved with trying to earn merit badges from Mary Janes farm.  I applied for a shooting one and the apron sewing one.  since I just made that apron, which I have been using.
I stamped all the save the date cards today, and am about to head back to the post office to mail those out. Then remembered like 2 people I didn't have on the list. I'll mail those tomorrow... I gotta work on the fancy writing crap.


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