Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Stang

Since my gas guzzlin 4x4 was running low on gas, I decided to break out my "white trash stang".  She's been sittin' in the equipment shed since December when I put her up.
I call her the white trash stang, because she's "calypso green" and the only people that drive cars that color are redneck, white trash and mexicans (I know it's horrible but it's darn funny)  
 :) So I got this bad boy at a yard sale.  She didn't run, but after some TLC and a new radiator she was purring like a charm. But before I got the tags for her.  It was such a joke about being called the "white trash stang" that we made a temporary tag that said white trash auto sales!  That.... right there..... was funny..
It had issues with the transmission... but those were rectified... and then one day I was stranded at blockbuster, downtown newberry, before it went out of business.  the starter went on it.  And let me tell you what.. I must have looked like a damsel in distress.. because about 4 men stopped to help me while I was trying to get the solenoid out of the car....
well it was the starter, so I just had it towed to kunkles... yeah his name is kunkle, and had him fix it for me.
but, yesterday... I went through the drive through car wash and got her all cleaned up... Her check engine light has been on forever.. but she runs just fine... and come to think of it.. both of my vehicles have the light on.. hahah
I've decided to sell the stang and my truck.
And why you ask yourself???!!? I'll tell you why....  My whole life.. I have wanted a corvette..
I could just see myself... behind the wheel of a 1981 Corvette, 350 horses of power, winding through 4 speeds..... power steering, t-10 transmission, SS brakes, Gymkhana suspension..... maybe T-Tops............... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or something like that...
I'm totally getting me a vette......

Monday, May 23, 2011

You might be a redneck......

My Cowboy and I drove down to atlanta for a hot minute.  Seriously we left Thursday night at 5-ish.  Then got there around 8 pm, loaded my 69 kaiser army jeep on the trailer, slept at my parents house, then headed out around 8 am with my parents behind us.   My father moved his horses up here..  and I have not seen them since he let them out in the pasture. But I'm sure they are happier than pigs in mud, they can eat grass until it's coming out their ears.  Grass is a treat for them, since my parents live on top of a mountain and it's trees and rocks, so those horses lived mostly on hay.
Well we got back to South Kakalaki around lunch time, had us a good lunch... and being from a family where gravy is considered a beverage, we threw down for supper.  I made some black bean avocado side dish, mexican marinated pork chops and a spicy queso sauce.. mmmmhmmm...
Then I made gravy in the morning (saturday) for breakfast :)
After breakfast my mother and I headed off to town like a herd of turtles, she needed mascara......... or so I thought....
It really turned into a cato n' wal-mart experience.. I offered to take Mom to CVS.. she said "wellllllllll I need to get a stool too, so I was thinking wal-mart".  heh.... So I pull into wal-mart parking lot, and what happened?  she spotted a store called Cato and wanted to check it out, "since she's still looking for a dress for the wedding"  nuh uh..... The WHOLE store ganged up on me.  She started telling them about the meet and greet I was going to attend tomorrow since I'm getting married and  the two girls that worked there said, OHHHHH MY GOSH YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED...... I'm thinking "oh great those kind of girls".  Well they started asking what I was going to wear... my mom butted in and said "boots and jeans". Those girls looked at me with a look that looked kinda like I kicked her puppy then shook their heads at me.. I was like... "what!??!?!?! Seriously???"  then some customers joined in.. and they all explained to me about how I needed to be dressed up and presentable.  I'm thinking... "oh my my my! I'm in high cotton", but after a bunch of going back and forth... The unspeakable happened..... they had me in a dressing room trying on sundresses....
and yes..... I'm ashamed to admit it.... but I bought one.....
After that fiasco.  I said "ok wal-mart NOW".  I bought some Oreo cookies to console my tortured soul and battered emotional state ;).  You know whatever works as an excuse to eat "bad" food.
Saturday night was great.  They had a low country boil, and I met a lot of friends of my cowboys family.  And, I got some gifts!  I got a new cuisinart coffee maker and a awesome salt and pepper shaker that was held in a statue of a horse, some towels colored buttercream and a kitchen aid tea kettle.  I was like ALRIGHT..   So I started making a list of thank you notes to write.
Sunday we got the bathroom installed in the milking bar and a lot of the finishing touches done inside the bar area, we only have a few more things to do and we are done :)
Today..  I rearranged the front room and Kitchen.... and vegas was sick last night, so he left a present on the carpet.  I got out my little green machine and wound up cleaning almost the whole carpet with it...
I made cole slaw first thing this morning. we are having hot dogs, baked beans and cole slaw for supper tonight.. I had me a hankerin'.   Just like I got all involved down the cereal aisle at the grocery store.   bought me some Froot Loops.... mmmmmmmmm  That brought back some summer time memories :)
I also rented some movies to watch tonight and tomorrow night.
I talked to my father early this morning.. he left the horse trailer here, So he's like. "You have to clean out the back, there is manure and hay in it.  You can't leave it because it will compost and burn and we don't need that trailer burning down."  I was like "dad..... you don't have to explain.. just tell me to do it and I'll do it" .  I did that first thing before it got hot out.
I just came back in the house from my "redneck beach"
I call it such because.. I took a tri-fold beach chair out to the lagoon (the official name for the manure pond)  and laid out there in my wal-mart special camouflage bathing suit listening to John Thurgood real loud playing from the speakers of the dually, and drinking a diet mountain dew :)  I figured... somewhere someone would think.... You might be a redneck if you were sunbathing next to a lagoon.... etc  :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

no power

The power company is out at our ranch, and they are putting up new poles and transformers and the such. They have our power turned off, So I'm down at the feed mill researching electronic medical record keeping programs.. 
Not much excitement the past few days.  Got the invitations in the mail last night..  My cowboy and I drove up to the post office and he starts to put a handful of them into the mailbox and he looks back and said "there's no turning back now".  haha.. I said "yeah I know, go ahead and put the rest in".

Monday we had two escape jersey cows.... Dennis and Diesel. They were in our neighbors Horse Pasture.  We had to go get them rounded up in the rain.. also Monday morning, I had to send Babycakes and the other jersey Momma to the sale.  I didn't stick around.  I was really sad selling her.
Today I went out into the calving barn, Bradley and Ray are there mooing their little hearts out looking for Momma.  I missed seeing her too.   And I have been told many times by many people, don't get attached to livestock......... But still, you have your favorites.
Oh and While we were rounding up our escape artist jersey calves.  I realized that Daisy was gone. not with the herd..  I counted, she was the only one missing.  So we start driving around looking for her.
and I was worried because she's preggers and due any minute...  we looked in the woods.. in the pastures.. until I see something white and black in the very back pasture.....  I thought she was laying down..  I got all nervous and we drove the truck across the creek bed to find out....  the grass was just that high in the back pasture that she was standing... I was so relieved... so then we get closer to her..
and I'm thinking she looks skinny....... We looked around in the grass for a bit.. and found the sweetest little black baby..  I don't know what it is yet, because it was still laying there, not old enough to walk yet...  she was just born... :) 
Gosh I love my cows... "If happiness truly consisted in physical ease and freedom from care, then the happiest individual would not be either a man or a woman; it would be, I think, an American cow" 

Here are some pictures from last Friday's adventure with Lebo and I

Lebo and I barrel Racing..

Lebo and I Pole Bending.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

racking it up!

There is not much that fills my heart with joy more than horses. They amaze me all the time.
The ranch down the street is hosting a big trail ride, and they were having a Fun night last night. So after I got most of my chores done, I told my cowboy I wanted to go run Lebo (his horse) around barrels. 
So he said let's go. I went and Got Lebo out of the pasture put him on our stock trailer and loaded up my saddle and we headed out. 
They asked what events I wanted to sign up for, so I signed up for some flag race, pole bending, barrel race and the arena race.
First one was the pole bending, I was really excited about this one. and when they called our name we went out and that roany pony launched and I set him up for the first pole and he did it in 18 seconds. we totally won.. Then the barrel race we were like second (i never ran barrels before) I learned a lesson from that.... you probably should check and set up before the first barrel :). But the flag race was kinda stupid.. but then came the arena race. and Lebo was dancing and excited before we entered the arena. My cowboy said don't you dare check him. So I screamed a big ye-haw and kicked lebo, and boy oh boy he went flying. That horse runs so fast he makes my eyes water.. and we came up to the barrel and I closed my eyes and sat deep in the seat. then I opened my eyes and we were on our way back. 
They tallied up the scores.. and I wound up being an overall winner :)
I was so excited. I love that horse. I've ridden him in two competitions now and won both times on him.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Gunfire in Dixie Buckle I won

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives..

I have been quite the busy lil' bee the past few days..
We rented out about a 2000 sq ft. office space for me to open up my clinic... I formed an LLC, Got myself some malpractice insurance, a federal tax id number and my South Carolina License :)
I tried to get the utilities turned on, but the building has been vacant for over a year, therefore the city wants to inspect it before we turn the power on, which is fine with me.
I also made a list of supplies I will need, tables and equipment.
In lieu of rent, the fella is going to let us paint and fix the place up until september when I open my doors.
Oh yes.. I forgot to add, Grand Opening will be September 1, 2011 :)
I as well have picked strawberries at the farm down the road a piece.  and made about a dozen jars of strawberry jam, first stuff I made was freezer jam, I've never made that before. and I'm not sure if I like it.. then I made some more regular jam.    I'm thinking about going down to the farm and picking some more strawberries and making more goodies!
 Yesterday morning we went out to feed the cows (we usually feed in the evening). And I found a new baby!!!!!!!!!  Her mom is an Oreo.. and she came out looking like a holstein :)  She is huge for just being born.. but, her mama looks like a basketball player compared to all the other cows.
Biscuit was so sweet, he came up behind me and was rubbing on me...  the big cows pick on him and wouldn't let him eat, so I opened up a bag and was hand feeding the poor lil guy.
I had a dream about Maggie and Lebo the other night, They were both talking to me and I for the life of me can't remember what they were saying.. but lebo was so excited to talk.. hahaha.  I'm going to take both of them this evening to a fun show. The ranch down the street is having a huge trail ride this weekend and they are doing a jackpot barrel race...  I'm going to take my two lovebirds down there and see if we can't win us some milk money.
I call Maggie and Lebo lovebirds, because out of all 22 of them horses out there.. Maggie and Lebo walk shoulder to shoulder and eat the same blade of grass..  I'll see if I can't sneak a picture of them two.
Oh and Maggie's birthday is this Sunday.. she's pushing the big 8... Eight years... that means we've been together for 3-ish.
Tiger's Baby Stormy... has completely stolen my heart.  I went out there two nights ago to say hi, and he looked up and saw me.. then came running across the pasture to me..  he is just the sweetest baby.   I can't wait to get him broke... in 3 years ;)
I broke out my dutch ovens  two nights ago.  I made us some campfire chili. it was mmm mmm good too.  I don't like gourmet cooking or "this" cooking or "that" cooking. I just like good cooking.  but you know... Non-cooking fools think it's silly to invest two hours of work into two minutes enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, so is the ballet..... speaking of that.. I'm thinking cookies are in order tonight.. mmmmm.  I went all the way to Zesto's last night to get me a chocolate malt... to find out they close at 8pm....  Then there was no ice cream to be had in Newberry....  This place shuts down by 9pm..
OOh.. I should make ice cream tonight or something... mmmm Moonpie ice cream....
hmmm....  choices... choices.. choices.....
We are almost done with the Milking barn.  I laid the graphics on the bar yesterday.. and after 8 coats of polyurethane we enjoyed our first sitting at the bar with Maya last night..  :)

We are using our trophy saddles as bar stools...  All we lack to do is decorate and clean up a bit.. then I will take all kinds of pictures.  I hung old coffee burlap bags as curtains ;)  It's looking really good now.
Well I hear the back hoe roaring out back.. so I better get to bush hogging the pastures... only 215 more acres to go!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We're really getting married....

This weekend was a busy weekend...  All the electrical and plumbing work was done in the milking barn. so we are making a lot of progress in there.  as soon as it gets a bit more finished I'll take some pictures to go with the before pictures..

I ordered Napkins to go on the tables at the reception.. and they came in the mail Friday.  I went down to the street to get the mail and I came bouncing back up with the package, My Cowboy was asking what I was excited about. I explained it was the napkins.  So we went in the house and opened the box.  The box has the napkins wrapped individually in sections of 50.  so we opened one up and pulled out the napkin... I said it looked great then handed it over to him. He looked at it, smiled and looked at me with this real sweet face and said "We're Really getting married"  I smiled and said "I know!".

Then I had an appointment to pick up my dress at 2pm in Greenville. I did my chores and waited for My Maid of honor to get to the ranch, and we headed out towards Greenville, picked up my mom from my dad.  They were on their way to my house so I just got my mom before they made it to our ranch. Then we headed to my cowboy's Momma's house where we had a great lunch.. she even made home made pimento cheese..... mmmmhmmmmmm.....

Then we all headed out to the dress shop for my final fitting thingy.  I got the dress on.. It looked good to me.. we took some pictures.. then I was ready to go.. but we wound up staying in there trying on dresses.  My Momma and His Momma both need dresses... But I found me a fancy dress that reminded me of something out of james bond and it was called "truffle" so to me.. that's brown.. but the lady quickly told me it was truffle.. I said ok.. dark brown.. sounds good... lol.  Well I had no idea that we were supposed to have formal clothes for the cruise, until Friday afternoon.  So I just had to buy the dress... then I got a 20 dollar discount.. since I was a bridesmaid.. ya know.. just sayin' ;)
that dress will be in on July 1st.

Then Saturday Morning we all got up,  we made breakfast and then My father, mother and I headed out to get my Father's Cowboy Suit!
He got himself a Western Yoke tux coat.. That new stetson, that fancy wahmaker  shirt and a what I called Doc Holiday Tie... but the fella in the store called it a colonel sanders tie... I almost died when he said that... but, he was completely right.. it's a colonel sanders tie!

But look how handsome my father looks! After this we got to thinking and got him a nice pin stripe vest.... he's gonna look sharp.

My Mother tried on this awesome dress that looked like a Stevie Nicks dress.  But it was a little big so she didn't get it..  But it was really magical looking.

Then today we all had breakfast.. then my father and my cowboy finished up the electrical work in the milking bar, then they loaded up and left. And we went to my soon to be sister-in-law's house and had a late lunch with her family and my cowboy's Mama...  and that was that...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MoonPie Ice Cream

Homemade MoonPie Ice Cream

  • 1 qt. whipping cream
  • 1 qt. + 3 cups whole milk
  • 12 egg yolks
  • 4 Tbsp vanilla
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 4 to 8 MoonPies
Scald milk in large 6 qt. saucepan. In large bowl, beat together egg yolks and salt. Add 3 cups of the hot milk to the egg yolks slowly while stirring constantly. Then return this mixture to the milk in the pan. Add sugar and keep stirring while cooking at medium heat. When mixture coats the spoon or just starts to boil, remove from heat. In most cases, the mix will be lumpy. Remember to strain out the lumps when you pour it into the canister. Add chopped moonpies and freeze.

If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie....

Yesterday I spent most of the day propped up on my front porch watching the clouds go by. I've been working my tail off all last week and through the weekend, So I figured.. a girl needs a break every once in a while.  I did girly stuff I needed to catch up on, like paint my toenails... I just sat there in the rocking chair enjoying the breeze and the sweet grass and honeysuckle in the air.  Man this place is a slice of heaven. It really is. Then I started on supper, we ate then went to feed the cows.  There is nothing like going out to feed the cows..  We ride around the pasture looking for them in the truck then once we see them we stop and get out and whistle... I call for biscuit ;) and they all just come a runnin' towards us..  and we pour out the feed, check the mama's and look for new babies, we have 3 calves due this month. I put their tag numbers up on the calendar, but I give them a 1-2 month average of when they are due from when the vet checked them at the sale. Most of the cows that have personalities I've named. So I'm excited to say my Daisy (she's the black and white spotted cow on the left of that picture) is due within the month and I sure can't wait to see her baby! we bought her bred, and I have no idea what the bull looks like, so it's always a surprise.  And the Big Oreo cow in the middle of the picture is due, and she's sacking up so if I had to make an administrative decision I'd say 1-2 weeks and her baby will be here. And the two jersey steers in the picture are Ben and Jerry, my christmas cows :)  boy oh boy have my little boys have grown.  Biscuit was all over me last night as well, he saw me and spent most of his time having me love on him rather then eating grain.
It's just so peaceful sitting on the tailgate watching these cows eat.  Then in watching them, I figured out.. they have it all figured out.  A fellow cow is in the way and won't move with a gently nudge, they headbutt each other.  And if another cow is giving you problems... Headbutt!
I'm thinking.. life might be a lot simpler if you went through life like a cow.....  Have a problem...... use a simple solution... HEADBUTT!  If I decide to try that out.. I'll let y'all know how that goes!
I'm currently waiting on the Maytag repair man.. my washer is acting up, so I'm waiting for him on the "all day time frame".  I told the lady at Lowe's "geee thanks for that comprehensive time frame".  But, It's overcast and looks like it's about to rain, so I figured I'd try to get the internet to work.  And work on some forms and business plans.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

F is for Fire burnin' the whole barn......

Don't worry too much about it. Just do all you can do and let the rough end drag.

As y'all know, I've been remodeling of sorts. And I was painting one of the other barns that I was fixin' up Red.  And it was looking mighty Nice.
Nice until last night.
My father and my cowboy were burning some old wood and scrap stuff behind this barn in a fire pit. I mean it was a hole dug in the ground about 3 feet deep.
I was helping them for a while, until it was about supper time and I needed to start cooking.  So I'm in the house minding my own business chopping up vegetables. When I hear some frantic banging on the door..  I walk over to the door it is the elderly couple from next door (whom I absolutely love).  She says "did you know your barn is on fire!?"  I said "naaaah they were burning behind the barn." she says "you better go look!". So I walk out there.. and my eyes must have popped out of my head. I said "IT'S ON FIRE".  So I go running into the milking barn where my dad and cowboy were.  I said calmly "The barn is on fire honey" He says "what?" so I said again "the barn is burning". He said the same thing that I said "naah" until he saw it.  Then started running across the field to the back hoe.  My neighbors were looking at me, so I said "well I need to go turn off supper, y'all go ahead and go back there if y'all want."  So off they went on their golf cart.
sadly to say.. the barn is lost.  Nothing was inside of it, It was completely empty, So thank God there were no animals or anyone hurt.
Eventually our neighbors left and the three of us stood there watching it burn..  I was quite fond of the barn.  I was going to make it a little canned food storage place for me.  But, it's ok it just wasn't meant to be.
So I went back in the house to finish fixing super.  And I loaded a 6 pack of bud lite and the steak fajita's I had made up into the back of my truck and drove up there to the burning pile of what used to be a little barn.   I put down the tailgate, laid out the lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream, chips, pork rinds, fajita goodness and meat. And we had ourselves a little tailgate party watching the "barn" fire.

Now a quick story about our neighbors... Last year when we moved in, They came over on their little golf cart, just full of squash, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes and all kinds of vegetables that they had grown.  Gave us more food then we could eat.  But I froze it and have since then used it all.  They just came over to introduce themselves, they were nice people.  So the next week they came over and we got to learn a little bit more about them. He used to work on the dairy here on our farm, He knows ALL kinds of stories about this place. It is amazing. And he met his wife in Berlin.  He was in the army in World War II.  And he met her and they got married and when the war was over, they both moved here.  That right there is a sweet story.  He also served in Vietnam and he has agent orange, and has a few health problems, and asks me for advice every now and then.  I have a lot of respect for veterans and I wish their health care was better.  I see it with my own eyes when I go with my cowboy to the VA, he's retired a Marine.. But They never really retire.  But the VA system is a little poor if you ask me.  Especially their Orthopedics division, Holy Crap!. But that's another story for another day.
I baked our neighbors a pumpkin spice cake one night in October and brought it over to them, And she returned the favor with some pickled peppers and drink coasters that she crochet.
I just couldn't have asked for nicer people to live next to.  I just can't see their house from mine, we are neighbors but there is a lot of land between us.  They were just by chance out getting their mail, when they saw the flames.
Well my friends.. that is all for now, I better get out in the field working before my dad yells at me, since he came up here to help this weekend :)