How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives..

I have been quite the busy lil' bee the past few days..
We rented out about a 2000 sq ft. office space for me to open up my clinic... I formed an LLC, Got myself some malpractice insurance, a federal tax id number and my South Carolina License :)
I tried to get the utilities turned on, but the building has been vacant for over a year, therefore the city wants to inspect it before we turn the power on, which is fine with me.
I also made a list of supplies I will need, tables and equipment.
In lieu of rent, the fella is going to let us paint and fix the place up until september when I open my doors.
Oh yes.. I forgot to add, Grand Opening will be September 1, 2011 :)
I as well have picked strawberries at the farm down the road a piece.  and made about a dozen jars of strawberry jam, first stuff I made was freezer jam, I've never made that before. and I'm not sure if I like it.. then I made some more regular jam.    I'm thinking about going down to the farm and picking some more strawberries and making more goodies!
 Yesterday morning we went out to feed the cows (we usually feed in the evening). And I found a new baby!!!!!!!!!  Her mom is an Oreo.. and she came out looking like a holstein :)  She is huge for just being born.. but, her mama looks like a basketball player compared to all the other cows.
Biscuit was so sweet, he came up behind me and was rubbing on me...  the big cows pick on him and wouldn't let him eat, so I opened up a bag and was hand feeding the poor lil guy.
I had a dream about Maggie and Lebo the other night, They were both talking to me and I for the life of me can't remember what they were saying.. but lebo was so excited to talk.. hahaha.  I'm going to take both of them this evening to a fun show. The ranch down the street is having a huge trail ride this weekend and they are doing a jackpot barrel race...  I'm going to take my two lovebirds down there and see if we can't win us some milk money.
I call Maggie and Lebo lovebirds, because out of all 22 of them horses out there.. Maggie and Lebo walk shoulder to shoulder and eat the same blade of grass..  I'll see if I can't sneak a picture of them two.
Oh and Maggie's birthday is this Sunday.. she's pushing the big 8... Eight years... that means we've been together for 3-ish.
Tiger's Baby Stormy... has completely stolen my heart.  I went out there two nights ago to say hi, and he looked up and saw me.. then came running across the pasture to me..  he is just the sweetest baby.   I can't wait to get him broke... in 3 years ;)
I broke out my dutch ovens  two nights ago.  I made us some campfire chili. it was mmm mmm good too.  I don't like gourmet cooking or "this" cooking or "that" cooking. I just like good cooking.  but you know... Non-cooking fools think it's silly to invest two hours of work into two minutes enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, so is the ballet..... speaking of that.. I'm thinking cookies are in order tonight.. mmmmm.  I went all the way to Zesto's last night to get me a chocolate malt... to find out they close at 8pm....  Then there was no ice cream to be had in Newberry....  This place shuts down by 9pm..
OOh.. I should make ice cream tonight or something... mmmm Moonpie ice cream....
hmmm....  choices... choices.. choices.....
We are almost done with the Milking barn.  I laid the graphics on the bar yesterday.. and after 8 coats of polyurethane we enjoyed our first sitting at the bar with Maya last night..  :)

We are using our trophy saddles as bar stools...  All we lack to do is decorate and clean up a bit.. then I will take all kinds of pictures.  I hung old coffee burlap bags as curtains ;)  It's looking really good now.
Well I hear the back hoe roaring out back.. so I better get to bush hogging the pastures... only 215 more acres to go!


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