If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie....

Yesterday I spent most of the day propped up on my front porch watching the clouds go by. I've been working my tail off all last week and through the weekend, So I figured.. a girl needs a break every once in a while.  I did girly stuff I needed to catch up on, like paint my toenails... I just sat there in the rocking chair enjoying the breeze and the sweet grass and honeysuckle in the air.  Man this place is a slice of heaven. It really is. Then I started on supper, we ate then went to feed the cows.  There is nothing like going out to feed the cows..  We ride around the pasture looking for them in the truck then once we see them we stop and get out and whistle... I call for biscuit ;) and they all just come a runnin' towards us..  and we pour out the feed, check the mama's and look for new babies, we have 3 calves due this month. I put their tag numbers up on the calendar, but I give them a 1-2 month average of when they are due from when the vet checked them at the sale. Most of the cows that have personalities I've named. So I'm excited to say my Daisy (she's the black and white spotted cow on the left of that picture) is due within the month and I sure can't wait to see her baby! we bought her bred, and I have no idea what the bull looks like, so it's always a surprise.  And the Big Oreo cow in the middle of the picture is due, and she's sacking up so if I had to make an administrative decision I'd say 1-2 weeks and her baby will be here. And the two jersey steers in the picture are Ben and Jerry, my christmas cows :)  boy oh boy have my little boys have grown.  Biscuit was all over me last night as well, he saw me and spent most of his time having me love on him rather then eating grain.
It's just so peaceful sitting on the tailgate watching these cows eat.  Then in watching them, I figured out.. they have it all figured out.  A fellow cow is in the way and won't move with a gently nudge, they headbutt each other.  And if another cow is giving you problems... Headbutt!
I'm thinking.. life might be a lot simpler if you went through life like a cow.....  Have a problem...... use a simple solution... HEADBUTT!  If I decide to try that out.. I'll let y'all know how that goes!
I'm currently waiting on the Maytag repair man.. my washer is acting up, so I'm waiting for him on the "all day time frame".  I told the lady at Lowe's "geee thanks for that comprehensive time frame".  But, It's overcast and looks like it's about to rain, so I figured I'd try to get the internet to work.  And work on some forms and business plans.


  1. Love it!
    I could use that!

  2. I'm thinking I might try it on the maytag man when he gets here...


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