no power

The power company is out at our ranch, and they are putting up new poles and transformers and the such. They have our power turned off, So I'm down at the feed mill researching electronic medical record keeping programs.. 
Not much excitement the past few days.  Got the invitations in the mail last night..  My cowboy and I drove up to the post office and he starts to put a handful of them into the mailbox and he looks back and said "there's no turning back now".  haha.. I said "yeah I know, go ahead and put the rest in".

Monday we had two escape jersey cows.... Dennis and Diesel. They were in our neighbors Horse Pasture.  We had to go get them rounded up in the rain.. also Monday morning, I had to send Babycakes and the other jersey Momma to the sale.  I didn't stick around.  I was really sad selling her.
Today I went out into the calving barn, Bradley and Ray are there mooing their little hearts out looking for Momma.  I missed seeing her too.   And I have been told many times by many people, don't get attached to livestock......... But still, you have your favorites.
Oh and While we were rounding up our escape artist jersey calves.  I realized that Daisy was gone. not with the herd..  I counted, she was the only one missing.  So we start driving around looking for her.
and I was worried because she's preggers and due any minute...  we looked in the woods.. in the pastures.. until I see something white and black in the very back pasture.....  I thought she was laying down..  I got all nervous and we drove the truck across the creek bed to find out....  the grass was just that high in the back pasture that she was standing... I was so relieved... so then we get closer to her..
and I'm thinking she looks skinny....... We looked around in the grass for a bit.. and found the sweetest little black baby..  I don't know what it is yet, because it was still laying there, not old enough to walk yet...  she was just born... :) 
Gosh I love my cows... "If happiness truly consisted in physical ease and freedom from care, then the happiest individual would not be either a man or a woman; it would be, I think, an American cow" 

Here are some pictures from last Friday's adventure with Lebo and I

Lebo and I barrel Racing..

Lebo and I Pole Bending.


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