racking it up!

There is not much that fills my heart with joy more than horses. They amaze me all the time.
The ranch down the street is hosting a big trail ride, and they were having a Fun night last night. So after I got most of my chores done, I told my cowboy I wanted to go run Lebo (his horse) around barrels. 
So he said let's go. I went and Got Lebo out of the pasture put him on our stock trailer and loaded up my saddle and we headed out. 
They asked what events I wanted to sign up for, so I signed up for some flag race, pole bending, barrel race and the arena race.
First one was the pole bending, I was really excited about this one. and when they called our name we went out and that roany pony launched and I set him up for the first pole and he did it in 18 seconds. we totally won.. Then the barrel race we were like second (i never ran barrels before) I learned a lesson from that.... you probably should check and set up before the first barrel :). But the flag race was kinda stupid.. but then came the arena race. and Lebo was dancing and excited before we entered the arena. My cowboy said don't you dare check him. So I screamed a big ye-haw and kicked lebo, and boy oh boy he went flying. That horse runs so fast he makes my eyes water.. and we came up to the barrel and I closed my eyes and sat deep in the seat. then I opened my eyes and we were on our way back. 
They tallied up the scores.. and I wound up being an overall winner :)
I was so excited. I love that horse. I've ridden him in two competitions now and won both times on him.


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