The Stang

Since my gas guzzlin 4x4 was running low on gas, I decided to break out my "white trash stang".  She's been sittin' in the equipment shed since December when I put her up.
I call her the white trash stang, because she's "calypso green" and the only people that drive cars that color are redneck, white trash and mexicans (I know it's horrible but it's darn funny)  
 :) So I got this bad boy at a yard sale.  She didn't run, but after some TLC and a new radiator she was purring like a charm. But before I got the tags for her.  It was such a joke about being called the "white trash stang" that we made a temporary tag that said white trash auto sales!  That.... right there..... was funny..
It had issues with the transmission... but those were rectified... and then one day I was stranded at blockbuster, downtown newberry, before it went out of business.  the starter went on it.  And let me tell you what.. I must have looked like a damsel in distress.. because about 4 men stopped to help me while I was trying to get the solenoid out of the car....
well it was the starter, so I just had it towed to kunkles... yeah his name is kunkle, and had him fix it for me.
but, yesterday... I went through the drive through car wash and got her all cleaned up... Her check engine light has been on forever.. but she runs just fine... and come to think of it.. both of my vehicles have the light on.. hahah
I've decided to sell the stang and my truck.
And why you ask yourself???!!? I'll tell you why....  My whole life.. I have wanted a corvette..
I could just see myself... behind the wheel of a 1981 Corvette, 350 horses of power, winding through 4 speeds..... power steering, t-10 transmission, SS brakes, Gymkhana suspension..... maybe T-Tops............... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or something like that...
I'm totally getting me a vette......


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