We're really getting married....

This weekend was a busy weekend...  All the electrical and plumbing work was done in the milking barn. so we are making a lot of progress in there.  as soon as it gets a bit more finished I'll take some pictures to go with the before pictures..

I ordered Napkins to go on the tables at the reception.. and they came in the mail Friday.  I went down to the street to get the mail and I came bouncing back up with the package, My Cowboy was asking what I was excited about. I explained it was the napkins.  So we went in the house and opened the box.  The box has the napkins wrapped individually in sections of 50.  so we opened one up and pulled out the napkin... I said it looked great then handed it over to him. He looked at it, smiled and looked at me with this real sweet face and said "We're Really getting married"  I smiled and said "I know!".

Then I had an appointment to pick up my dress at 2pm in Greenville. I did my chores and waited for My Maid of honor to get to the ranch, and we headed out towards Greenville, picked up my mom from my dad.  They were on their way to my house so I just got my mom before they made it to our ranch. Then we headed to my cowboy's Momma's house where we had a great lunch.. she even made home made pimento cheese..... mmmmhmmmmmm.....

Then we all headed out to the dress shop for my final fitting thingy.  I got the dress on.. It looked good to me.. we took some pictures.. then I was ready to go.. but we wound up staying in there trying on dresses.  My Momma and His Momma both need dresses... But I found me a fancy dress that reminded me of something out of james bond and it was called "truffle" so to me.. that's brown.. but the lady quickly told me it was truffle.. I said ok.. dark brown.. sounds good... lol.  Well I had no idea that we were supposed to have formal clothes for the cruise, until Friday afternoon.  So I just had to buy the dress... then I got a 20 dollar discount.. since I was a bridesmaid.. ya know.. just sayin' ;)
that dress will be in on July 1st.

Then Saturday Morning we all got up,  we made breakfast and then My father, mother and I headed out to get my Father's Cowboy Suit!
He got himself a Western Yoke tux coat.. That new stetson, that fancy wahmaker  shirt and a what I called Doc Holiday Tie... but the fella in the store called it a colonel sanders tie... I almost died when he said that... but, he was completely right.. it's a colonel sanders tie!

But look how handsome my father looks! After this we got to thinking and got him a nice pin stripe vest.... he's gonna look sharp.

My Mother tried on this awesome dress that looked like a Stevie Nicks dress.  But it was a little big so she didn't get it..  But it was really magical looking.

Then today we all had breakfast.. then my father and my cowboy finished up the electrical work in the milking bar, then they loaded up and left. And we went to my soon to be sister-in-law's house and had a late lunch with her family and my cowboy's Mama...  and that was that...


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  2. I like it :) I really didn't have much knowledge of blogging when I started this. But I really appreciate the compliment!


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