Monday, June 27, 2011

2nd gear.... hang on tight!

I got the vette back on Friday, and I didn't get the papers in the mail to go register it yet.
Well, it was killing me... absolutely gnawing at me while I was staring at it out of my kitchen window.... She was just screaming to me to drive her...
Well, I'm weak... I gave into her siren-ish temptation....
I flipped her tag around and wrote in big black magic marker "purchased 6-24-11"... And off I went. I started out thinking, Oh MY GOD,,,. I'm really driving a corvette... Then I was thinking I was going really fast, and when I looked down.  I was only doing 50.. well that opened up the flood gates. I got it up to 60 and I was in love.  Then I came upon a stop sign. So I slowed down, and stopped.. then Mashed the gas I was plastered to the seat with an ear to ear shit-eatin' grin.  HOLY CRAP! before I knew it I was hugging turns like no other.  Then I made a fast decision to take this road, I completely took that turn like Mario Andretti, It was simply amazing... Tires were squealing and marking up the asphalt. Then I decided to see if she can spin out from a dead stop.  Yeah... She grabs the road good.. but you can get some spin out of her.... Needless to say I need new tires.. which I'm getting tomorrow at 2pm.  They had to be ordered.  I'm also going to get her registered and tagged today.... So I can drive her around legally.
There are no words to express the feeling I got when I was driving this car. It's just pure happiness and I can't stop staring at it.  Like I'm going to wake up and think this is a dream.
Last night we took the T-Tops off and drove through Whitmire, then back here to the Ranch.
You simply can't help but drive this car like you stole it.  I had a dream I got pulled over by a cop.  and he asked "why were you driving so fast with no tag?" and I said to him "sir, it's a corvette".
I wonder how well that would work in real life?
Watch me get pulled over taking her to the DMV today :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

canning goodness..

I have been a busy lil bee as of late.... I have had an exceptional crop of zucchini and summer squash.
So much that I had no idea what to do with it all.
I froze about 8 lbs of summer squash and made the rest into squash pickles.
Now I have never heard of squash pickles, until my best shittin' friend Mel told me to find a recipe and make them.  So I did.. and HOLY CRAP! They are amazing.  So I made like two batches of those..

Then with the zucchini, I love zucchini and egg omelets and Frittatas. So I've been eating quite a few of those.  But, Then I decided to make Zucchini pickles, Since the squash was so good.  And They were awesome! I also took to making bread and I made some zucchini bread.  I Love, I mean Absolutely love bread.  I could live in jail if that is all they had to eat there like my grandmother used to tell me.. "all you'd get is bread and butter in jail" and I would think to myself... mmmm bread and butter.... hahhah! so anyways.  The bread was great.. and My father took half a loaf home with him, and apparently that almost made a hair pulling incident at my parents house because my mom and dad were fighting over the bread.

Well, I also was craving banana creme pie.  So I made one.  And I only had a piece.. But, my cowboy, he ate almost the whole thing.
And Friday night my father came up for the weekend. And I was cutting up a cantaloupe and we were snacking on that as I was cutting it up.  My Dad says.. "Hmmm... Where's yer cowboy? he's being awful quiet".  Well then he noticed him in his recliner....  With the plate tucked all close to him and a fork, eating the banana creme pie right out of the pie plate.  My dad was like... No.... I didn't want a piece or anything.
See My cowboy is like that with my baked goods... He winds up telling everyone... "eh.. it's ok.. you don't really want to have that... it might mess up your diet.  I'm only looking out for you!"  hahaha
And It's peach season here in South Carolina..
which means.. of course.. I got a ton of peaches.. I love me some peaches...
So I made Honey Peaches, Peach preserves and Peach butter...
and boy oh boy was the preserves and butter good.
It's 19 more days until the wedding..
I have guys here tearing our out bathrooms, since the floor was caving in.. Joys of an old house.  There was a leak underneath the bathtub, and the floor was soaked and starting to cave in, so they are here making the master bath bigger, and the hall bath smaller.. :)
I'm about to can some more zucchini today... as soon as they turn the water back on, I reckon I'll get back to canning.  Oh and I got my great grandmothers china, I'm excited about that.  My grandmother told me I could have it, when I got married and got a china cabinet.  And I got the china cabinet. :)
Well here is what I have canned so far.

Friday, June 10, 2011

So close... yet so far away.....

So here's my baby... she's in the shop... they've been working on her since monday....  I'll tell you what.. they are slower than molasses on a cold day...  So I went to go check on her today...
He had everything torn apart.. her brakes were all jacked up.. then he found a rats nest, they ate through the wheel on the blower motor... so we have to special order that... and things here and there... she's been sitting for a couple of years.. so they are going through and giving her the once over.. and put new carpet in her.. since apparently it smells like rat pee....
But, to make a long story short.. to late... I blew in there and put my hands on my hips and asked what in the wild world of sports was taking them fellas so long!
And that was the answer I got.... He started talking all these old corvette words... and I think my eyes glassed over.. and I must have gotten that deer in headlights look.. because I went into overload thinking about how much this is gonna cost........ so he sent me away with a list of things to get..  So I ran off to find me some internet service.. and found a great webpage with EVERYTHING corvette.. and some of the stuff I was thinking thousands was only 79 bucks...  So, Crisis averted...  As the parts come in, she will be getting put back together..  I did order her a front license plate today... C3 flags with corvette written on the bottom.. It's gonna look good..   I briefly thought of a vanity plate for the vette... but, that's just retarded.  I hate looking at those things wondering what cryptic message this person has on their license plate for me to figure out...... so that was a passing thought... the South Carolina tag will be just fine...  I am dreaming of driving this car around...  I feel like a kid waiting for christmas to come.... I just can't stand it! It's been my childhood dream to have this car.. and here it is.... in my zip code.. and I can't touch it... It's simply driving me nuts...
Yesterday My cowboy and I were in Asheville, then on our way back home, we decided to go by abbot farms... They have the best peaches (hands down) in my book.  And I figured since it was almost the peak of peach season they would have peaches a plenty. Well, not quite yet... and to much disappointment, the sign said home made fried pies.. and boy oh boy my mouth was watering thinking about a golden fried peach pie... We jumped out of the truck and I bounced up to the door.. and Bam! the smell of peaches all around... jams, jellies, moonpies and fresh breads....... but, just like that.... no fried peach pies.. The lady said they didn't have any today..... it was like a kick to the gut.. I left empty handed... nothing.. zilch, zip.. zero...  We were both disappointed...
We drove back home, and did our chores, then My cowboy was pretty darn tired, so he went to take a nap.. and I got to dwell on Fried Peach pies.. and flakey crusts.. and cinnamon-y peach goodness... and I got my butt up and made us golden fried peach pies.. and we had ribs, coleslaw and deviled eggs for supper.. then the pies for venetian hour.....  I gotta watch out for this venetian hour.. it's like a sickness, and I think I'm allergic to food... because every time it eat it.. it turns to fat.. and I don't need my wranglers being so tight you could see Lincoln smiling on the penny in my pocket.... and I digress.... I went back to eating sugar free candies and goodies today... after my bout of sugar shock... That wedding dress really needs to fit in 30 days.... Just sayin'.

Anyhow back on the farm, I have more eggs than I can eat.. and more zucchini and Squash than I can cook... I'm about to blanch 'em and freeze 'em for next year, after I make a squash casserole or two... but, there is still more to pick out there!  Tonight I fried up zucchini and chicken, and made some mashed potatoes...  Supper was good.. and those zucchini were awesome.. I think food means more, when you plow the field, grow it from a seed, water it, watch it grow, pick it and then cook it. There is something deeply satisfying in that process. I'm proud to be a farmer.
And speaking of picking food.  We decided which cow we were going to butcher tonight. Then once we got back in the truck, my cowboy looks at me and says "do you want" then gives me this look and slapped me in the forehead. I was shocked, and we both started laughing, and he started trying to tell me there was a mosquito on my forehead.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Friends, new beginnings and some endings........

This past weekend we headed off to compete in Georgia, for the first time in about a year...
We got the dogs all settled in the tractor, and pulled off..  about 45 minutes into our journey, I look back to see Vegas just propped up on a pillow and snoring.  He's so spoiled.

Well on our way to the Competition we made a little pit stop.  I had been eyeing 80's model corvettes... and I just so happen to come upon a 1975 Stingray model in North Georgia.
we test drove it and it has a few things that need repairing since it's been sitting not being driven or started up in years...
And since my truck is gone and my mustang... we bought it. :)

I'm so excited.. I can't believe it.. I have wanted a corvette since I was a wee little chap!

It was good to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time down there in Georgia.. and I could have done without some of the bad attitudes of some of the infamous Georgia group.  But, what goes around comes around.
Maggie Mae really impressed me, She won the mens 5 division with my cowboy riding her.  A lot of people were talking about Maggie and how fast she was....  and yes... someone asked the question.. "is she pregnant"  so I said yes and smiled a fake smile.  And a bystander said, "oh wow she is?"  I gave him a look like "seriously?"  he said.. "oh she's not?" I said "she's what most people call an easy keeper..."  I can't get her skinny.. I've tried.. Big girl likes her green grass and she's gonna get it!

Well I can't say the same for Me and Lebo.. We had a great day Saturday and I made some mistakes so, we didn't win.. but, Sunday... I was tacking him up and getting him ready and he was so jumpy, I would touch his side and he'd jump sideways.. go to brush him and he'd tense up.  I just didn't know what to do with him.. So I finished tacking him up and went out to the first stage.. and it was a good stage...  then the second stage came around.. and we faught on our way into the arena.. then he wanted to go backwards... then that turned into a HUGE fight through the course he was launching straight up in the air the whole time and I was trying to hold him together.. it was horrible...
Then the third stage... His cheese slid right off his cracker.....  I rode out of the arena... and I too was done, just like my cowboy said he was last weekend.....

I talked to a few of my friends about it before we sent him home with some of our good friends... and everyone said I tried my best with him, and  sometimes a horse is so far gone there is no getting him back... I wish that wasn't the case with Lebo.... I did try hard with him.. for over a year.. trying to calm him down and put his mind back.. but, I think they are right.. deep down inside.. I know they are right, he's to blown up for arena competitions.. I thought about barrel racing him, but, I had a problem getting him into the arena doing that too... so, He needs to be a lawn ornament for a while somewhere.  Somewhere where someone will ride him on trails only.. no more competing... I couldn't really say goodbye to him, because my heart was sad.. so nuzzled him and choked back some tears.. and we headed back to South Carolina..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dandelions and horses..

This past weekend we had yet another competition.. I didn't win at all... I was also riding Miss attitude.. Maggie Mae,  we had a time catching her, and My Cowboy rode his horse Lebo.
Well Lebo and him weren't gelling at all.. so they had a little blow up in the middle of the arena.  And then I got my Roany Pony back :)  He's going to ride Maggie.  He thinks that Maggie is faster than Lebo, but, I'm not so sure about that...
So this weekend.. We are going to a competition in Georgia... We are going to battle it out.. trading horses :)
I had a great time with great friends. I even had a great surprise. My good good traveling buddies from Tennessee showed up.  I was so excited to see their rig pull up that I jumped out of my chair, knocked it over (and my drink) and ran over to their tractor.
They talked us into going to Georgia.  I'm game... I haven't competed with those jokers in a while.
It is so hot up here..  I broke out the dresses, so I don't have to wear hats and chaps and all....

When we got back Sunday night, I put Maggie and Lebo in the calving barn.  I figured the pasture was not the place for lil miss run away when you try to catch her, and Lebo cut his leg somewhere, so I've been doctoring it every day.  It's looking good. So them two are being forced to share a feed trough with the calves.

Monday after we got back,  early in the morning before the sun really kicked in, I decided to go out and pick all the dandelions I could.  Then I made them into Jelly.  I've never had Dandelion Jelly before.  But it's a lot like honey.. nummmy.

The days are going by quickly.. and before I know it, it's going to be July 9th.  I've been trying to get rid of my farmers tan, but, I just can't seem to sit still in the sun in a bathing suit long enough to even burn.  I don't really burn, but I tan. So, My best shittin' friend Mel.  She told me about this L'Oreal stuff called sublime self tanner or something like that...  she said it worked and sent me a before and after pic...
it totally did... So I marched my butt to CVS and bought me some.. the first application went well... the container said streak free... and it didn't streak..... wellllllll.  Sunday night when I got home, I decided to apply some more........ I woke up with streaks all over my legs and my toes look dirty.. Well I've been feverishly trying to wash it off.. but, I think it stained my legs!  So Mel told me to try and make a Sugar and Lemon paste and wash with that.... I'll try that tonight..
I'm also trying to figure out what to write in these thank you cards I need to get to writting...
"thanks for the food processor, I'll try not to loose a finger", as Mel suggested... haha... I belive that is all for now. We have a young farmers association meeting tonight. Speaking of farming.. My garden is HUGE.  I'm excited to start eating the stuff it's producing...