2nd gear.... hang on tight!

I got the vette back on Friday, and I didn't get the papers in the mail to go register it yet.
Well, it was killing me... absolutely gnawing at me while I was staring at it out of my kitchen window.... She was just screaming to me to drive her...
Well, I'm weak... I gave into her siren-ish temptation....
I flipped her tag around and wrote in big black magic marker "purchased 6-24-11"... And off I went. I started out thinking, Oh MY GOD,,,. I'm really driving a corvette... Then I was thinking I was going really fast, and when I looked down.  I was only doing 50.. well that opened up the flood gates. I got it up to 60 and I was in love.  Then I came upon a stop sign. So I slowed down, and stopped.. then Mashed the gas I was plastered to the seat with an ear to ear shit-eatin' grin.  HOLY CRAP! before I knew it I was hugging turns like no other.  Then I made a fast decision to take this road, I completely took that turn like Mario Andretti, It was simply amazing... Tires were squealing and marking up the asphalt. Then I decided to see if she can spin out from a dead stop.  Yeah... She grabs the road good.. but you can get some spin out of her.... Needless to say I need new tires.. which I'm getting tomorrow at 2pm.  They had to be ordered.  I'm also going to get her registered and tagged today.... So I can drive her around legally.
There are no words to express the feeling I got when I was driving this car. It's just pure happiness and I can't stop staring at it.  Like I'm going to wake up and think this is a dream.
Last night we took the T-Tops off and drove through Whitmire, then back here to the Ranch.
You simply can't help but drive this car like you stole it.  I had a dream I got pulled over by a cop.  and he asked "why were you driving so fast with no tag?" and I said to him "sir, it's a corvette".
I wonder how well that would work in real life?
Watch me get pulled over taking her to the DMV today :)


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