canning goodness..

I have been a busy lil bee as of late.... I have had an exceptional crop of zucchini and summer squash.
So much that I had no idea what to do with it all.
I froze about 8 lbs of summer squash and made the rest into squash pickles.
Now I have never heard of squash pickles, until my best shittin' friend Mel told me to find a recipe and make them.  So I did.. and HOLY CRAP! They are amazing.  So I made like two batches of those..

Then with the zucchini, I love zucchini and egg omelets and Frittatas. So I've been eating quite a few of those.  But, Then I decided to make Zucchini pickles, Since the squash was so good.  And They were awesome! I also took to making bread and I made some zucchini bread.  I Love, I mean Absolutely love bread.  I could live in jail if that is all they had to eat there like my grandmother used to tell me.. "all you'd get is bread and butter in jail" and I would think to myself... mmmm bread and butter.... hahhah! so anyways.  The bread was great.. and My father took half a loaf home with him, and apparently that almost made a hair pulling incident at my parents house because my mom and dad were fighting over the bread.

Well, I also was craving banana creme pie.  So I made one.  And I only had a piece.. But, my cowboy, he ate almost the whole thing.
And Friday night my father came up for the weekend. And I was cutting up a cantaloupe and we were snacking on that as I was cutting it up.  My Dad says.. "Hmmm... Where's yer cowboy? he's being awful quiet".  Well then he noticed him in his recliner....  With the plate tucked all close to him and a fork, eating the banana creme pie right out of the pie plate.  My dad was like... No.... I didn't want a piece or anything.
See My cowboy is like that with my baked goods... He winds up telling everyone... "eh.. it's ok.. you don't really want to have that... it might mess up your diet.  I'm only looking out for you!"  hahaha
And It's peach season here in South Carolina..
which means.. of course.. I got a ton of peaches.. I love me some peaches...
So I made Honey Peaches, Peach preserves and Peach butter...
and boy oh boy was the preserves and butter good.
It's 19 more days until the wedding..
I have guys here tearing our out bathrooms, since the floor was caving in.. Joys of an old house.  There was a leak underneath the bathtub, and the floor was soaked and starting to cave in, so they are here making the master bath bigger, and the hall bath smaller.. :)
I'm about to can some more zucchini today... as soon as they turn the water back on, I reckon I'll get back to canning.  Oh and I got my great grandmothers china, I'm excited about that.  My grandmother told me I could have it, when I got married and got a china cabinet.  And I got the china cabinet. :)
Well here is what I have canned so far.


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