Captains Log.. Day 1

Leaving the Port of Seattle.. Sunday July 10th

I awoke from a very restful sleep.. It was almost as I was rocked to sleep all night long. It was quite amazing... It was 3 am when I awoken, so we went out on the balcony of the stateroom and looked into the vast waters that were between the Canada  and Russia.  for the first time I was somewhere foreign.. 

We got dressed and went up to the 14th deck to see about breakfast.. The selection was amazing.. They had everything you could imagine from oatmeal to biscuits and gravy.. Even yogurt and fried eggs...
And the coffee was strong but had a great flavor.. 
After surviving the breakfast buffet we went back down to our stateroom and decided to go on a walk-about the ship.. There is EVERYTHING on this ship!
We eventually met up with Sharyl and Eric and planned our excursions for the week at our port cities..
Then we came upon a little Japanese lady from the lotus salon.. So Sharyl and I were booking all kinds of girlie treatments when the guys got that glazed over look and wanted to go to the casino for a Texas hold em tournament. so we sent them off, made an appointment to have our teeth whitened, a 2:45 seaweed wrap massage and 4:15 hair appointment. And formal dinner reservations for 7:45 in the Vivaldi room..
So we found our way down to the casino and we were extremly hungry...
And we were waiting for clint to finish the tournament but.. He was one of the last men in, so Sharyl and I went up to the buffet to secure a table... We filled our plates up with goodies and sat down....
Clint and Eric joined us shortly.. Clint finished 3rd in the tournament.
We ate then told the guys our beauty plans and they said they were going to a veterans meeting at 4:30, so we went to get beautiful and they headed off to nap and reconvene at the meeting. 
So, I went For the massage.. She gave me some throw away black panties and told me to put them on.. Well I did, and they were in no shape or form.. Cute or sexy.... 
Then she told me to lay down on this tin foil looking stuff.. So I did... Then she rubbed me down with some peasoup green lookin seaweed mixture... Then began to wrap me in the tinfoil to marinate while she gave me a neck and scalp massage.... Very nice.. Then she made me get up and shimmy over to the shower to shower off this seaweed paste.. Holy crap it was stuck to me everywhere!
Well I got it all off... Then got a new pair of not so sexy black throw away undies and she laid me down and wrapped me up again with this tinfoil... Then gave me a reflexology foot massage..: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to die for..
Then I took another shower and got a full body massage..
Then she made me drink like a gallon of water and sent me off to meet my awesome hair girl.. I told the hair girl, Zara from York England, to keep my hair down and long curls, holy crap my hair turned out gorgeous!

So Sharyl and I called the boys from the saloon and had them leave the rooms so we could get dressed. And we got all dolled up then went down around 6:45 to meet them in the casino for supper...
Well we must have Looked real pretty because they stopped playing blackjack when they saw us... And were staring like they saw Elvis...
So we walked over and they cashed out, and we went for pictures.. The photographer was taking all these photos of us, then them, then all of us, then individual shots lol... he was Great..  We were giving him hell but, he just kept moving us and positioning us :)
Then we went for our formal supper.. We ordered a bottle of wine and I saw a crusty roll on the table... Well that was all I wrote... I bit into that joker and couldn't stop eating the bread.. Then I started drinking the wine and I was in full out chow down mode.. I ate myself sick!
Then passed out in our stateroom......


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