Captains Log.. Day 2

After passing out the night before from a carbohydrate coma that I put myself in.
I woke up looking at a snow capped mountain..... It was breathtaking.  All day yesterday as far as you could see all around the ship was water and sky.  Then I open my eyes and see Land-HOOOOOOOOO.  I was so happy.

The Port of Ketchikan from our stateroom

We Ported in Ketchikan Alaska,  It was a gorgeous small fishing town.  on the port side there were houses on an island that had no streets going to them.. they had docks and they drive their boats across the water to the main town of Ketchikan.  It was awesome.  We had breakFEAST at the horizon deck buffet.  all you can eat eggs, bacon and fixings..  and Fresh fruit... holy crap! the fresh fruit was amazing.  After we all got fat and happy we were impatiently waiting for them to open the gangway...
When they finally opened it and we got to shore we had about 30 minutes to kill until we had to meet up with our tour guide.

We took a little walk about the town and were asked for the first time if we were from Texas.  We politely said no then began to explain we were from South Carolina..

Finally it was time to meet up with our alaskan fishing guide.  Her name was Beth. She was bad ass. She didn't make us put on all that stupid fishing gear... and I asked why the life jacket.. and she said.. well just incase a whale decides to pop up and tip us over...  well that shut me right up....

She got us about 45 minutes out on a 20 foot skiff and we began to fish.
 Clint caught the first fish. then I caught one.. I got a Cod! Then Sharyl got a flounder, but we threw it back since it was small.  Eric didn't get anything.  we we teased him a bit.. and then picked up and moved to another spot.  I got a hit but the sucker got away.  then we packed up and moved again.. and we hit the jackpot... there were Copper rock fish everywhere...  we caught a whole mess of them.. Clint also caught a starfish and a sea cucumber... very interesting....

After a few hours of fishing and collecting.  we took 5 of the best back to shore with us.. where our guide skinned them, then handed them off to a cook who had a rustic old tent and fire set up where she was making a fish soup.. oh it was good... really good.. and awesome.. we caught the fish that day.. took them with us and ate them for lunch.. perfect!

From left to right.  Sharyl, Eric, Beth (in the middle) Myself and Clint

Well sharyl and I had to pee.. and we found a make shift toilet that they had made next to a tree.. it had a door and sides.. but, no back! hahahah

Alaskan Porter Potty :)

After our bellies were full and we had some coffee and conversation.. we all got back onto the skiff and headed back for mainland..

on our way.. we passed dozens of bald headed eagles.  did you know they are black until they are about 3?  I didn't.. but, I learned it this day!
We threw left over fish parts at them.. and they were diving for them and it was simply stunning.
We got back to the dock and practically ran back to the pier because we had like 30 minutes and 45 minutes until we were leaving that port.  It was an all day adventure that we were just blessed with.
Once we were back on the ship.. we all had couples massage appointments.
no seaweed involved with this :) We had two mussiest and they put us in this big massage room with two beds.. they let us get situated then came back in and gave us 50 minute massages...
ahhh relaxing....
we went back to the room, showered and met up with Sharyl and Eric again, to get us some grub in the chow hall.. and then back to sleep!

Alaskan Night Time

Red at night.. Sailors Delight!


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