Home at last.. and back into the groove..

after about a week of jet lag and waking up late and not feeling like doing ANYTHING.. I am back to myself... and back into a routine..
I got on the scale the day after we got home... I wasn't pleased, but in a way I was pleased.. however that works.. I only gained 5 lbs.. after all that eating, you would have thought I was starvin' marvin!
But, I will be back to myself shortly.. and I did miss my own cooking.. even I caught My cowboy saying "I am starting to miss my wife's cooking".  That means a lot to me.
We have been trying to get re-acclimated to the temperature, going from 60 degrees back to 100 degrees is no easy task, we have been being sorry when it comes to going outside.. I do the minimum, feed pig, check water, get eggs then go back inside. It's been WAY to hot. but, as of two days ago, the heat is starting to get a bit better on us, like Sunday, we figured it was way to hot to be outside, since we both almost had heat stroke on friday and saturday. We were supposed to go to a jackpot rodeo saturday, but after we got inside from working on the catch pen, My cowboy said he felt dizzy and nauseous, so we drank plenty of water and started soaking up the a/c real well. So Sunday we decided since the high was 101, we were going to drive down to columbia and use up some of the gift cards we received for our wedding.  We had a pier 1 card..... that store is highly overrated for the stuff it has in it.. expensive!
so we bought a hammock sling, we have a hammock, just never put it up because we didn't have two trees that were close enough together to use it.. so we figured that was a good thing to get there.. and we only spent 11 dollars out of our pocket. I was pleased.  Then we went to Bed bath and beyond, we tore that store up, new hampers, kitchen gadgets, stuff we didn't need and a toaster.  I had a toaster, it was starting to burn on the level 1 setting, so I kinda figured it was time for a new one.. therefore we got the toaster/broiler/oven deal.  Once we were done there, we had some visa gift cards, so we headed on down to the sportsman supply store. Oh how I love this store. Now, mind you we originally went in there for ammo, since we decided we were gonna break in the AR I got my cowboy for a wedding present. But, the cost of .223 was ridiculous.. so we found ourselves in the fishing department... heck yeah!
we bought allllllll kinds of stuff, lures, lines, hooks, sinkers, worms, you name it.. we got it.. and a nice tackle box. Oh and I got a reel and rod combo.  Well we headed back up to our neck of the woods, but, stopped to have a steak at the roadhouse, delicious.  Then went back home to get vegas, set up our fishing gear and track down our hunting/fishing combo licenses. When all our ducks were in a row, we headed on down to Molly's Rock. It's a nice little recreational area about 2 miles from our ranch.
I didn't catch a darn thing, and my cowboy was racking up the little brim fish....
until all of a sudden.. I see my bobber disappear under the water.. I got all excited and pulled back and started reeling it in...  it was a feisty little sucker..
I got him out of the water.. he was a nice little catfish :)
I was informed we could have skinned him and ate him, but I was thinking if this was the only catfish we caught all day, just bringing him home would toy with my emotions.... who fights over fried catfish? only people that don't have enough catfish to go around, that's who.
So we put him back in.  stayed for a little while and then headed back to the house.

Last night, we wanted to go fishing, so we hurried out to the pasture and were working on the catch pen, and a storm came up upon us, so we sat out on the front porch watching the storm and talking until after dark.

I might try to go fishing tonight... hmm... I can make a picnic.  I got a picnic basket as a wedding gift, and I can't wait to use it...
Today I finally have a good internet connection.  I got my office set up on comcast today, and the x-ray physicist came out to draw up shielding plans for my x-ray room.. and now I'm here being sorry, soaking up air conditioning and internet service.
I have gotten a lot accomplished today though, I made up some patient intake forms and the such... and finally got some other things taken care of. speaking of which I need to get back to it.. All I want to say is..  So all in all, I'm so happy to be back home and back on the ranch.  I am getting extremely excited to open my doors soon.  Things are moving right along.


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