My Big Fat Western Weddin'

It stared out with me spending the day with my flower girl Kayla, her brother Trevor, my brother Bobby and Sister-in-law Sharron in the pool.  Then over to Zestos for a corn dog, chocolate malt and some raw fries.. My brother and I reminisced on how we used to play in the pool all the time when we were kids, how he used to out splash me doing cannon balls, and then try to drown me by splashing me to death :)
Then people started arriving at the hotel, and I retired to my room to lay low and start getting my hair done and my makeup on.. then get my dress on.
I got finished getting dressed and got myself loaded into my friend Adrianne's car.. and when I mean loaded, she had to stuff me into the backseat of her car.  She drove me and Kayla over to our ranch.. and we ran into the house, so the guys didn't see us.

Then before I knew it.. It was time... I looked out my kitchen window and there was my chariot.  A Team of belgian horses, with sunflowers in their hair pulling a old john deere corn wagon. My dad came in the house and told me it was time.  We walked over to the wagon and I got Kayla in then myself, then My dad climbed on in and off we went towards the ceremony tent.

We weren't all quite sure how I was going to get out of the wagon, but, I hiked my dress up and stepped out. I'm really glad I didn't bust my butt!  My dad put his shotgun in his right arm and got me on his left, and we stepped off on our walk up the aisle.

My Father, Mother and Grandmother

The Ceremony Officiant, Eric, started on our vows, which consisted of lyrics and lines from many different country and western songs, made into the story of us.   Then All of a sudden, galloping up on a horse shooting a six shooter screaming "I OBJECT" Then Eric asked "what do you object to"  And the cowboy said "I Still love her" Then he took his glasses off and looked and said "Melissa?!"  "OH sorry wrong wedding".

When he realized I wasn't Melissa

After all the excitement was over, after my dad shooting the shotgun off after this cowboy and everyone was done laughing, Eric started on the serious side of the wedding.

Eric Pronounced us man and wife and My Cowboy kissed his Bride :)

Cowboy Salute to the new Bride and Groom!
Reception Area

Bridal party


3 Generations of My family

Our First Dance

Father Daughter Dance

Cutting the cake


  1. It looks just wonderful. God bless ya' sweetie!

  2. Best wedding ever. Happy for you both.


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