Day 1.. a pic of me and 10 facts.

I'm going to do a 30 days of my life in pictures.. I saw a friend on facebook do this and It seemed awesome.. so I'm going to try it out :)

Day One is a picture of me and 10 facts..

  1. You either Hate me or Love me.
  2. I married my best friend and love of my life.
  3. I love sitting on the front porch rocking away.
  4. I much prefer a ribeye over a filet mignon, I think it's highly overrated.
  5. I love my family.
  6. I have just a few real friends and I appreciate all they have done for me, and I appreciate their friendship.
  7. I love my horse Maggie Mae, but I still miss my Romeo.
  8. I can diet and give up most junk.. but, I can't give up chocolate chip cookies.
  9. I love nostalgic things.
  10. I love cooking, baking, canning and farming.


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