Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

Me, My Mom and Brother a few years ago.
My Brother... hahahah....  him and I have prank called hundreds of people.
played practical jokes, made up elaborate stories and made people believe them..
And The woman my brother married, tried to beat me up because she thought I was his girlfriend.. hahahahah.
we've paged each other in the stores as crazy people like Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher hahahahahah.
My brother and I would get into trouble with my mom.. and he'd stop running and look at my mom and go.. "mom.... MOM... stop and just think.... this isn't that bad" hahahah... my mom would bust out laughing.. and we wouldn't be in trouble anymore...
I let his parakeet out one time.. and it got out and flew outside into the wild.. he was sooooo mad...
OHHHH and the best! we would go to Cades Cove in Tennessee, and dad would slow down, I'd get the binoculars out and my brother would start making funny animal noises and pointing.. people behind us would stop and try to see what we were looking at then we'd drive off real fast.
then one time in the same place my brother called me Cotton eyed Joe.. we wound up rolling under the fence and wrestling around until someone screamed bear and we had that deer in headlights look and took off running.....  hahahah I have too many memories of doing crazy things with my prankster brother :)


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