Day 12 - A picture of something you love

Well besides the obvious things I love, Like my cowboy, family and horse.
I love a big ole glass of milk in the morning..
Not this prissy skim milk.. but, REAL milk... raw milk.. the kind you have to shake up before you drink it..
mmmhmmmm.. I enjoyed me a big glass this morning :)

So on the other hand.. yesterday was day three of horsey fat camp.  Did I ever mention people keep telling me how fat my horse Maggie is?
Well she is stout.. and she's like a freight train... and the mare can run..
In fact.. we were over all reserve last weekend.. so we beat the socks of a bunch of skinny horses... just sayin'
but, my cowboy is getting his mare Gracie back up in competition mode in time for the Eastern championships.. so I've been riding right along with him..
and Maggie has already dropped some weight because it's almost time for a smaller girth..
well..  Wednesday night, we went to the zombie graveyard with the horses...  Let me tell you about the zombie graveyard... the headstones are from the mid-early 1800s.. most of them you can't read..  and some of them go into the 1920s...  well..  We walked from out property down the old highway and through crowville and came to the pillars.. they are big stone pillars with a big wroth iron gate.  you're really not supposed to go there.. but, we were on horseback.. so, somehow it makes it alright..
well we go around the fence and get in there and start walking down the tree lined path... and then you can see the crest of the hill and just over it is huge tall rock grave markers..  they are so old you can't read them.  they even have foot stones.  So, we get in there and walk around the perimeter of the graveyard and I got off, and started walking through the aisles.. well maggie took a step and fell through.  I got to looking and holy crap.. it's hollow ground.. we got out of there..    I tried to take pictures but, the phone wasn't working.. I'm going to go back and take some.. the place really is creepy.

Then last night we headed over to our friends house to ride with him, we decided to ride down the river a mile or so.  Maggie was huffing and puffing after that....  she's out of shape the poor girl :)
but she will be in tip top shape by Easterns :)


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