Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

these are the people that are holding the interest rates and money I owe for my wonderful education.. *rolls eyes*
They have made a huge impact on me recently..

so this weekend was busy..
we got the catch pen up and going, then rounded the cows up with the horses...
sorted them out by weights... then loaded them on the trailer..
we hauled about 60 cows to the cow sale and sold out.. don't fret...   when we were working the cows... I sorted biscuit out and ran him to another pasture where he wasn't anywhere near the loading pen.  We kept 5 cows, biscuit, ben, this baldy and her baby and a hereford that is preggers...
We decided between Ben and Jerry to eat Ben.  So we sold Jerry.  I know that sounds horrible..
but, next herd of cows we have... i AM NOT getting involved with them..
while I was watching them go through the cow sale... I was saying.. Oh there's Daisy, there's Curly.. Oh.. wait...  yeah.. I was sad... but, I sucked it up.. It was hard to let some of them go..
and I realize this is a business and people need to eat.. but, my babies grew up.. :(


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