I got too busy...

I was doing the 30 days of pictures.. but, frankly.. my life got all busy :( and now I'm about 15 days behind.. so instead of playing catch up with pictures.. I'll play catch up with what's been going on..
I think the last place I left off was we gathered up our cows...
Then that following Monday we sold them..
Then Tuesday I was hitting the ground running to meet my August 29th deadline to open.
I had the contractors here building my x-ray room with a thousand dollars worth of lead lined sheetrock and a clever full leaded crystal glass window... I totally bought expensive full leaded crystal and I can't use it as dinnerware.. hahah :)
So that is built, Today the electrician is coming to install a 100V AC disconnect to install the x-ray panel and Thursday the x-ray machine will be here and up and running.
I opened my doors yesterday and I, to my surprise, had 3 patients.  My Cowboy also went to the cow sale and bought 7 cows. so we are back on the growing our herd back.
This past weekend we caught all the broodmares, the stud and all the yearlings and 2-3 year old horses and got them sold. we are now down to a more manageable number 12. Most of the horses we had weren't able to be ridden, they were just broodmares. I had no attachment to them, I kept Stormy, but sold his momma Tiger. I also sent the big red roan appendix horse I had to a trainer to break him.  He was a bit of a nut bucking around and acting crazy.. so I don't want to break anything and it's worth it to send him somewhere to get broke.   So when he comes back in about 30 days.. I'll start training him to jump and shoot.
I am going to the Eastern Championships in a week.  I signed up for the double downs, which is a like a poker game, not sure what you're going to be able to pull off, but if you pull off something good or slightly better then someone else,  you win a boat load of MONEY. 
Maggie has been on a diet... I'm sick of the simple minded ones asking me if she's pregnant.. and I say yes, and they look at me like a deer in headlights.  Maggie is now a muscle machine. she's still thick. but at least I don't starve my horses like some other people do.
Maggie and I are going to tear them up at Easterns :) Or at least I hope we do.. hahaha  I'm going there with a seek, strike and destroy attitude.
So that is all here.. :)
I'm hanging out in the reception desk... waiting for patients... yesterday My cowboy sent me flowers :) and my parents sent me a plant basket with a big balloon that said congratulations :)
it feels good to be loved :)


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