Friday, September 30, 2011

Punch and pie.....

Well I got home and decided I needed me something to sooth my sweet tooth....
So I got out some flour and got to making me a pie crust...
then I must have no been thinking when i grabbed the 10" skillet....
so I just HAD to roll out the pie crust a little more... Just Sayin'
it may not be pretty.. but I will say... it tastes darn good :)
I wasn't into jazzing.. I just wanted me some PIE!!
Well Then I got to mixing the pie up.. and when it came to vanilla.. i just added gentleman jack bourbon :)
This pie took 3 hours to make... 1 hour cooking.. and 2 hours cooling in the oven with the door closed...
and during that long 3 hours...  I made Italian hot sausage with peppers and onions on the grill... that is a favorite of mine :)
Then my cowboy and I went out to the milking bar-n to hang out and listen to some music.. and plan a Halloween party ;) and we stayed out there for a while... then my craving for this said pecan pie got to me.. and I was all about leaving and going back into the house...
as soon as you opened the door to the house you could smell that heavenly aroma of pecan pie.. mmmmmmhmmmm.. that's slap your momma good smelling ya know?
So I briskly walked into the kitchen to check this out.. and I opened the oven to see this beauty sitting before me...
woooohooo is all I can say.. we threw down on that pie before bed :)
I had pleasant dreams of eating pie all night.. to which in fact...... I crawled out of bed around 3am, trying to be a quiet as a church mouse... I pulled back the cellophane and began to dig in.. when suddenly I heard... "what are you doing?!?!" I immediately froze, then swallowed my little bite... then slowly turned around and mumbled out in my most innocent voice "nothing..."
I was busted... red handed... hand in the cookie jar....  my cowboy said... "you couldn't wake me up to have some pie?".. I was all "well you were soooo tired.. and looked some comfortable just sleeping there.. you were even snoring...." I stopped like mid sentence.. I was busted. and couldn't think of any white lie to tell him about why I was being stingy with the pie.....  So we had a piece and went back to bed :)
Then in the morning it was all I could do NOT to eat it for breakfast.. instead I had a omelet... my hips will probably thank me...
But, last night before we went to the cattleman's meeting.. we shared a piece... just to make sure it was still good. you know.. since it was sitting out on the counter all night and all day.. wouldn't want it to go bad... we were just looking out for our best interest....
Well that is the end of the story of my bourbon pecan pie....
we are headed to the Virginia state fair to try to take home some yankee money at the Virginia state championships :)
I am overdue for a corndog and some cotton candy.. even a candied apple and a funnel cake...
I plan on being a kid at the fair.. Ferris wheels and roller coaster rides.. OH MY!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's that time again..

It's apple season.. and all I want to do is bake..
I was going to make a pecan pie last night.. but, by the time I decided on it... it was about 8:30... and I didn't really have the time to make the pie..
Since fall is in the air... i'm hating having a job.. :(
I want to be home making pumpkin fudge and pies... and pork roasts.. mmm hmm..
But, alas I'm here at my clinic waiting....
I have patients lined up for this afternoon.. I just don't like the slow points in the day... I start day dreaming about where I want to be.. not where I am....
Know what I mean?
I miss cooking.. and baking so much.... and our rodeo schedule has been crazy... every weekend it's non stop... thank goodness after this weekend... it's done..
I have a seminar to attend in the big nasty city of Atlanta.... and then I'm free to relax for a while...
get back to the basics... basics of farmgirl life!

Friday, September 23, 2011

rain, rain and more rain

It's been raining for about 2 days straight.. which is fine with me.. because we needed the rain something awful.. but, I really wanted to try Sioux out in the arena.  And here is it Friday, and we are off to a competition as soon as I close the doors on the clinic..
It has been slow the past 2 days... I think it is because of the rain.. but, I have 3 DOT drug tests on the books for today.
Tuesday night we had our annual Dairy appreciation dinner, for all our dairy customers. The food was great, as can't go wrong with fried catfish, scallops and shrimp with fixins!
Wednesday it rained.. but, I went out and said hello to the horses, gave them some cookies through the window of the truck.. :)
Yesterday, My Cowboy came home with this beast...
It's got A/C and heat..... and guess what??  an 8 track player... yeeee-haw.. it sure does :)
I wonder where I can find 8 track tapes... hahah.. I asked my father.. and he said.. "I'm not that old", So I reminded him of the disco days and the fact that I actually saw his collection of 8 tracks... and he fessed up and said he sold them...
The tractor runs like a charm.. started right up... see that bush-hog behind it?  yeah that's a 14 footer.. not a bat wing either...  my lil ole John Deere wasn't going to tote it.. so we needed something a bit bigger... and bigger we sure did get... but, I did get a new attachment for my lil green tractor... we got an attachment for the arena..
Seems we are collecting tractors, but hey! that's fine by me!!
We had a little change of plans for the end of our equestrian season here...
We are not going to the World Championships... Maggie and/or Sioux beat up Gracie.. and My cowboy was pretty sore at the two of them..  I'm thinking it might have been Sioux more so than Maggie because Maggie isn't beat up.. but Sioux is.. and she is the only horse that has shoes on in our pasture.. and Gracie has this Huge gas down her but.. and a knot the size of a goose egg on her butt. Plus her hock was all swollen and it's just starting to go down...Therefore; she is not competing this weekend.. and My Cowboy and I are doubling up on Maggs...  I am bringing Sioux to the competition because she needs some socialization and traveling under her belt... and the main thing is.. there is a covered arena.. so I can try her out!
I found some pictures of Maggs and I at the Easterns..
My Big girl was scootin', but she still doesn't look like she's at top speed.... So I'm thinking she might have a few more gears in her...
I made deviled eggs this morning along with egg salad.. just so we have stuff to munch on during the competition this weekend..
My hens production is down 90%.  instead of laying crumbles that I usually get them, we had to get laying pellets... and they all but stopped laying eggs...  So my chicky poo's hate pellets.. they rather the crumbles.
I'm trying to think if there is anything else that happened this week.. Oh! the rain...
I'm driving home... in my little vette.... she's got leaky t-tops.. I was all dripped on the whole ride home Wednesday. It did stop raining a bit on the drive home and I saw a rainbow.. it's faint.. but, it is there over the road. 

Friday, September 16, 2011


Two nights ago, I took out the new horse ..since Maggie ran from me.. she's suffering from mare syndrome again.  well we were going to move the cows up to feed them..  so I figured I'd take her since she walked up to me in the pasture.. she really is sweet.. I brushed her down and picked her feet.. she was already lifting the next one up as I was working around.. I was pretty impressed.. so I threw Maggie's saddle pad on her and saddle.. put a snaffle bit in her mouth and took off..we rode until after dark..
she was really aware of her surroundings and looking left and right as we rode through the pastures.. she just dropped her head and plowed on..  I like the way she is built.. she looks like a tank.. I like that.. Maggie is like that.
So I've decided to keep her..  I've officially named her Sioux. She had a sweet lope.. so I am going to see how well she handles and what she does when we shoot off of her.. and decide if she's a back up horse.. or a new high level competition horse...  I'm just anxious to bond with her..
This weekend we have The North Carolina state Championships...  I hope to tear it up while i'm there..
This break in the weather is a lovely change..  I love brisk mornings :)
I've got a autumn leaves yankee candle burning in the office today :)
I had Loretta Lynn Tickets.... but she canceled... and re-scheduled for like April... I was like.. holy crap, I can't plan that far.. lol.. I was thinking about our national championships are in April.. and I didn't know the schedule yet..oh well.. 
That is all for now..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heavenly shades of night

Yesterday before I went to work.. I put a Hodge-podge in the crock-pot...  and set it on low and rolled out the door..  It's almost my favorite time of year.. fall.. Something about the brisk mornings and the crispness in the air, that I just love.
I feel bad for patients that are really sick.... I had a patient come to me because he was in a MVA, so I did a x-ray study on him.  He had a bad limp since before the mva and was in pain from the wreck. 
Well on his AP Lumbopelvic view... there is a lesion that crosses the joint space on his right femoral head.
So I instructed him to go to another doctor and get a second opinion..  well I wrote up a report, and forwarded it to the pcp.  And yesterday he came in to see me, they did a CBC and set him up for a MRI.  He asked me "do you think it's cancer?"  I told him I hoped it wasn't.  It could be infection, it could be a ton of other things.. we just had to wait for labs and the MRI report. He said that his pcp was impressed with my radiology report..  I also told the patient, the sooner you find something wrong the better off you are..

Then after work, I had a webinar to attend :( I got home around 6. Had a tasty meal and a tasty root beer waiting for me :)
After that we went outside to the arena and began working on the footing with the tractors. The sky was so beautiful last night..  all shades or red and pink against the silos.. man it was just perfect.. then as the sun finished setting.. I turned the lights on in the john deere and the hugest red harvest moon was shinning above us..  Last night was just gorgeous..  I would say that "Heavenly shades of night were falling at twilight time"
"Deepening shadows gather splendor, As day is done, Fingers of night will soon surrender, The setting sun"
You really can't see beauty like that in the city.
Farmer's really lead a blessed life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

World Championships here we come!

Well, I made out like a bandit at the Easterns :) I won! I won! I won! I won the Double Downs :)
I won a new EMF Pistol and almost 2 grand..
I don't have any pictures from it.. but, I will soon!!
When I was going into the arena.. on the Double Down Stage, I was shaking.. and I was sooooo nervous... Maggie was dancing around.. and we got in there.. and the light turned green... I was thinking... holy crap.. it's either hero or zero right now.. a friend yelled AAAAAATACK from the stands...and man we took off.. and I was waiting on the first balloon to come... and I shot it.. and the next one.. then the three fast ones.. and I screamed OH MY GOD MAGGIE GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! and we turned the barrel.. and As soon as I shot the last balloon I just started screaming... and I went back out of the arena to the waiting area... and sat there and watched 3 more women run.... and as soon as the last one went.... I still had the time to beat... I was screaming and jumping up and down on Maggie... I was so proud of my mare.. and my shooting skills.. hahah.... Now we are going to the world championships in Amarillo Texas :) I can't wait..

We also bought a horse while we were there..  She is a 9 year old grade mare...  We saw her while we were walking in to the horse sale.  and She looked built like a rock.  and she's pretty.  So we get a buyer number and we get to watching the horses go through.. and finally here she comes...  the guy is telling everyone about her over the intercom.. and then he says, she's real gentle blah blah blah and engages the course... she just got to bucking and bucking.. and he was apologizing about her.. well she didn't sell..
and after the sale was over.. I found the guy that owned her and bought her REAL cheap :)

Then the next day I got her out of the stall and took her out to the outside warm up arena.. and jumped on her bareback with just her halter...
she's right as rain... no bucking no nothing.. I think she was just scared that night in that big arena with all the noise and bells and whistles...  I like her.. she doesn't have a name yet... but, I'm going to saddle her up and try her out soon.
then give her a name.. I'm thinking maybe Sioux... she reminds me of the horse from Dances with wolves...
I hope she's got some speed to her.. I need a backup horse...
And, I was given the most beautiful necklace.. I was so honored when my friends mother gave it to me.
I saw her and she was wearing it, and she was explaining the history of it to me,  It comes from Montana, and that is the state flower in the middle.. and It has turquoise and a bear claw on it.  She bought it at an Indian reservation right next to the battlefield of Custer's last stand.. the battle of little bighorn. and it is supposed to symbolize the unity of the different Native American tribes in Montana.
I was completely shocked... It's so beautiful.. I was wearing this when I won the double downs :)
All in all I had a great week!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apples and Doves

This weekend, was awesome.. My parents came up to visit.. And Friday night after they got here, we had a seafood banquet :) it was very very good.. Then Saturday we all got up and made a huge breakfast.. Omelets and fresh milk mmmmhmmmm. Then let the cows we bought last Monday, we put them out in with the rest of the herd... They were looking good.. And I loved on my little biscuit for a while.. My cowboy was explaining how biscuit only eats grain out of my hands, an my dad was laughing and biscuit made a b-line over for me and was giving met that look that only my little biscuit can give.. So I scooped up some food in my hands and  kneeled down and he dug in... He's such a baby :) but I love him... I can't believe he turned black lol...  He was a cute little brown jersey.. and he's just gotten darker and darker.. he does look very nice though.. He reminds me of Babycakes. I sure do hope she is doing well.. wherever she wound up.
So later that afternoon, my cowboy,my father and I loaded up the shot guns and headed off to go dove hunting..
Well we were on a 15 acre sunflower field... About 4:30 the doves start coming in people are yelling "biiiiird!" and I was frantically looking around.. I start a shooting frenzy.. I shot one and wounded one, but the jerk kept flying.:. Let me just explain what happened... They were coming in by the 5s and 10s.. This is the best dove hunt I've ever been to...but once I got so excited I shot one I forgot to pump the shogun... Now that was funny.. And once I was all aiming and following the joker.. I pulled the trigger... Nothing.. I'm like what the heck... Yeah safety was on... Hahah I was completely a fool until I got over the excitement of hunting... It's been like 6 years since I've been dove hunting... I was happy.. Like a fat kid eating cake....
So now mind you.. I have only shot doves as they are flying by... Not flying away from me.. Well.. Son of a gun.. I couldn't hit the blind side of a barn.. I tried shooting a little above to the right, to the left, under them.. I couldn't hit them flying away.. And that's the direction they were all going........
Well two boxes of 12 gauge bird shot later... I had 1 bird.. So I'm like "DAD!?!?!" he's like "what?" .. I said "these birds are flying away, and I can hit them"... He's all "shoot at the tail".... Seriously? Yeah that crap worked.. We left there with 42 birds!
So we got them home and cleaned them all up... Soaked the breasts in some salt water, the put them in the crock-pot overnight in a nice Italian tomato sauce.. Delicious!
So I took a shower when I got home.. and I don't remember if I told y'all about my little mouse problem... well I called him Pepino.. named after the ole Lou Monte song. " There was little Pepino Doin' The Cha-cha on the floor"  Well I kept seeing this mouse running around.. and I tried to poison him.. and he didn't die... He ate every last drop of the rat poison.. and was still around in my house.
Well Last Monday morning I went out to the laundry room to fill the dog food bowls.. and who was in the dog food bin?????? ALAS it was Pepino.. I said.. AH HA!!! I caught you.. you little bugger.... So I grabbed two 8oz dixie cups and caught him.. along with a tasty treat he was enjoying for breakfast.. and took him straight to the bagno we went...and I threw him and his tasty breakfast right in the toilet..  and flushed him.. no more Pepino...
Well.. After I get out of the shower... still wrapped in a towel.. what happens.....When I open my dresser drawer to get out a nightgown.. ........
I see 4 baby mice.. just as cute as they can be... so I took out the whole drawer and flushed all four of them down the drain..... sheesh.... Pepino had a family of 4....
Then Sunday we got up early and went to lake Murray to go fishing... I caught a big ole brim.. Then some nasty looking fish with a huge mouth and teeth tried to attack my worm.. I saved him.. But couldn't save him from all the stick fish I was catching... While watching my father and cowboy cast for bass.. I was pretty proud of my brim lol... My mom caught herself a nice brim as well...then we rode on over to a dockside grill and had lunch.. Then got back in the boat and rode around the lake for a few hours...

When I was a wee little tot we went out the lake almost every night after school.. Mom would pack a cooler full of drink and bologna sandwiches and we'd be cruising lake Acworth until  dusk...
So Sunday brought back some good memories...

Well bright and early Monday morning (7am) my butt was up and the butt crack of dawn making a apple-cream cheese Bundt cake..... All I can say.. is this cake was worth the 4 hours it too to make :)

it has a praline pecan icing...... Cream cheese swirled inside, and I think I was about to need a 12 step program to stop eating the darn thing....

And, As well I set my little dining room up to welcome my favorite season of all..
Fall :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

week 1 down...

Week 1 has been pretty successful, I think. I had 4 new patients, and today I have 1 scheduled.  I think it's pretty good considering this was kind of a soft opening, due to the fact that we are leaving for the Eastern championships on Tuesday night, after I close.   I haven't been riding Maggie this week, I've had too much to do...
I'm listening to 57 chevy radio :) Elvis was just on.
I've got my corvette parked outside, underneath the sign that says "we are now accepting patients". I figure that will draw some attention... and It has.
We got us a "new" Tractor last night.. it's a early 1940s model Ford. It runs really well, and all it really needs is some fixin' up and some paint and she'll run like a gem. I got my electronic medical records system up and working pretty good :) I start training on that on the 13th.. My x-ray machine is here, almost installed completely.. :) I was really excited about that.. then I got to thinking.. wow you are a geek. hahah..
Well, that is about it... I will get going now.