Heavenly shades of night

Yesterday before I went to work.. I put a Hodge-podge in the crock-pot...  and set it on low and rolled out the door..  It's almost my favorite time of year.. fall.. Something about the brisk mornings and the crispness in the air, that I just love.
I feel bad for patients that are really sick.... I had a patient come to me because he was in a MVA, so I did a x-ray study on him.  He had a bad limp since before the mva and was in pain from the wreck. 
Well on his AP Lumbopelvic view... there is a lesion that crosses the joint space on his right femoral head.
So I instructed him to go to another doctor and get a second opinion..  well I wrote up a report, and forwarded it to the pcp.  And yesterday he came in to see me, they did a CBC and set him up for a MRI.  He asked me "do you think it's cancer?"  I told him I hoped it wasn't.  It could be infection, it could be a ton of other things.. we just had to wait for labs and the MRI report. He said that his pcp was impressed with my radiology report..  I also told the patient, the sooner you find something wrong the better off you are..

Then after work, I had a webinar to attend :( I got home around 6. Had a tasty meal and a tasty root beer waiting for me :)
After that we went outside to the arena and began working on the footing with the tractors. The sky was so beautiful last night..  all shades or red and pink against the silos.. man it was just perfect.. then as the sun finished setting.. I turned the lights on in the john deere and the hugest red harvest moon was shinning above us..  Last night was just gorgeous..  I would say that "Heavenly shades of night were falling at twilight time"
"Deepening shadows gather splendor, As day is done, Fingers of night will soon surrender, The setting sun"
You really can't see beauty like that in the city.
Farmer's really lead a blessed life.


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