It's that time again..

It's apple season.. and all I want to do is bake..
I was going to make a pecan pie last night.. but, by the time I decided on it... it was about 8:30... and I didn't really have the time to make the pie..
Since fall is in the air... i'm hating having a job.. :(
I want to be home making pumpkin fudge and pies... and pork roasts.. mmm hmm..
But, alas I'm here at my clinic waiting....
I have patients lined up for this afternoon.. I just don't like the slow points in the day... I start day dreaming about where I want to be.. not where I am....
Know what I mean?
I miss cooking.. and baking so much.... and our rodeo schedule has been crazy... every weekend it's non stop... thank goodness after this weekend... it's done..
I have a seminar to attend in the big nasty city of Atlanta.... and then I'm free to relax for a while...
get back to the basics... basics of farmgirl life!


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