rain, rain and more rain

It's been raining for about 2 days straight.. which is fine with me.. because we needed the rain something awful.. but, I really wanted to try Sioux out in the arena.  And here is it Friday, and we are off to a competition as soon as I close the doors on the clinic..
It has been slow the past 2 days... I think it is because of the rain.. but, I have 3 DOT drug tests on the books for today.
Tuesday night we had our annual Dairy appreciation dinner, for all our dairy customers. The food was great, as usual...you can't go wrong with fried catfish, scallops and shrimp with fixins!
Wednesday it rained.. but, I went out and said hello to the horses, gave them some cookies through the window of the truck.. :)
Yesterday, My Cowboy came home with this beast...
It's got A/C and heat..... and guess what??  an 8 track player... yeeee-haw.. it sure does :)
I wonder where I can find 8 track tapes... hahah.. I asked my father.. and he said.. "I'm not that old", So I reminded him of the disco days and the fact that I actually saw his collection of 8 tracks... and he fessed up and said he sold them...
The tractor runs like a charm.. started right up... see that bush-hog behind it?  yeah that's a 14 footer.. not a bat wing either...  my lil ole John Deere wasn't going to tote it.. so we needed something a bit bigger... and bigger we sure did get... but, I did get a new attachment for my lil green tractor... we got an attachment for the arena..
Seems we are collecting tractors, but hey! that's fine by me!!
We had a little change of plans for the end of our equestrian season here...
We are not going to the World Championships... Maggie and/or Sioux beat up Gracie.. and My cowboy was pretty sore at the two of them..  I'm thinking it might have been Sioux more so than Maggie because Maggie isn't beat up.. but Sioux is.. and she is the only horse that has shoes on in our pasture.. and Gracie has this Huge gas down her but.. and a knot the size of a goose egg on her butt. Plus her hock was all swollen and it's just starting to go down...Therefore; she is not competing this weekend.. and My Cowboy and I are doubling up on Maggs...  I am bringing Sioux to the competition because she needs some socialization and traveling under her belt... and the main thing is.. there is a covered arena.. so I can try her out!
I found some pictures of Maggs and I at the Easterns..
My Big girl was scootin', but she still doesn't look like she's at top speed.... So I'm thinking she might have a few more gears in her...
I made deviled eggs this morning along with egg salad.. just so we have stuff to munch on during the competition this weekend..
My hens production is down 90%.  instead of laying crumbles that I usually get them, we had to get laying pellets... and they all but stopped laying eggs...  So my chicky poo's hate pellets.. they rather the crumbles.
I'm trying to think if there is anything else that happened this week.. Oh! the rain...
I'm driving home... in my little vette.... she's got leaky t-tops.. I was all dripped on the whole ride home Wednesday. It did stop raining a bit on the drive home and I saw a rainbow.. it's faint.. but, it is there over the road. 


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