Two nights ago, I took out the new horse ..since Maggie ran from me.. she's suffering from mare syndrome again.  well we were going to move the cows up to feed them..  so I figured I'd take her since she walked up to me in the pasture.. she really is sweet.. I brushed her down and picked her feet.. she was already lifting the next one up as I was working around.. I was pretty impressed.. so I threw Maggie's saddle pad on her and saddle.. put a snaffle bit in her mouth and took off..we rode until after dark..
she was really aware of her surroundings and looking left and right as we rode through the pastures.. she just dropped her head and plowed on..  I like the way she is built.. she looks like a tank.. I like that.. Maggie is like that.
So I've decided to keep her..  I've officially named her Sioux. She had a sweet lope.. so I am going to see how well she handles and what she does when we shoot off of her.. and decide if she's a back up horse.. or a new high level competition horse...  I'm just anxious to bond with her..
This weekend we have The North Carolina state Championships...  I hope to tear it up while i'm there..
This break in the weather is a lovely change..  I love brisk mornings :)
I've got a autumn leaves yankee candle burning in the office today :)
I had Loretta Lynn Tickets.... but she canceled... and re-scheduled for like April... I was like.. holy crap, I can't plan that far.. lol.. I was thinking about our national championships are in April.. and I didn't know the schedule yet..oh well.. 
That is all for now..


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